The “Unlocking Eden Special Collection”


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Unlocking Eden Book

Millions of Americans are suffering a health crisis epidemic right now, completely unnecessarily. But what if I told you, it didn’t have to be this way? The truth for many, is that the real culprit of modern disease is simply a lack of God-given knowledge. In Unlocking Eden, we provide hopeful, scientifically supported revelations regarding how YOU can access freedom from the bondages of disease. SkyWatch TV is proud to announce the Unlocking Eden Special Collection! From the importance of detoxification, circadian rhythm, intermittent fasting, and unburdening metabolic pathways, to maximizing immunity, methylation and absolute essentials like quality sleep, Unlocking Eden is filled cover to cover with groundbreaking information that can help unlock the body’s natural healing mechanisms, which can revolutionize your health and your life!

Unlocking Eden Companion DVD

In this incredible special collection from SkyWatch TV, you’ll also receive the Unlocking Eden companion DVD! Featuring the entire 4-week television series on Unlocking Eden, and special content with my co-author Daniel Belt and I, on securing some of natures most powerful anti-viral nutrition during seasons of virus, flu and so much more!

Edens Essentials DVD

You’ll also receive the Edens Essentials founders-vision DVD featuring interviews with Dr. Thomas Horn, Daniel Belt and I on our vision to provide nutrient-dense supplements, derived directly from non-genetically modified foods, grown from clean soil, free of pesticides, herbicides, and bio sediments to achieve the highest degree of health possible!