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Out of this World Book

By: LTC Robert Maginnis

Out of this World brings the unfathomable to life thanks to an open eyed and detailed analysis of the science and theology brought to our doorsteps by the real possibility that unidentified flying objects are manned by extraterrestrial beings that are likely much smarter and far more spiritual than earthlings.  Are they a threat to our national security and to our faith in God?  Do they come peacefully or as conquers?

For decades US Government officials have denied what many citizens now believe that alien beings are among us and our government knows much more than it has revealed to the public.  Do we really have alien craft and “biologics” as Congress was told by former officials?

Gate of the Gods Book

By: Tyler Gilreath

No book of the Bible has enchanted its readers quite like the book of Revelation. Its fantastical language of fierce dragons, seven-headed beasts, warring angels, and a new heaven and new earth has captivated humanity for nearly two thousand years. Interestingly, no book of the Bible has confused and frustrated its readers quite like the book of Revelation, either. Herein lies the glaring problem: the interpretive elephant in the room.

Can anyone really know what it all means?

Now you can.



Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism Book

By: LTC Robert Maginnis

Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism examines what current American leaders like President Joe Biden and his globalist allies intend for America and the world, an outcome that may well usher in the prophetic end times. The evidence for this possible result comes from an objective review of the histories of past Marxist- regimes, accounts that are juxtaposed with the contemporary political proposals by those who seek a global “Great Reset” that could produce a radically different America which becomes subordinate to a godless, totalitarian one-world government ruled by the Chinese Communist Party.


Kings of the East Book

By: Robert Maginnis

China is out to eliminate America and the western world and impose their communist culture on the entire planet. How do we know? Their history, economic power and coming military superiority backed by their rigid focus on instituting a one-world government under the Chinese Communist Party, a plan which is coming together now and is exposed to the world. Is there time to reverse their maniacal advance against freedom and democracy? Bob Maginnis reveals the danger and opportunity ahead in China’s New World Order.