Redeemed Unredeemable Book


Jesus said that redemption—eternal salvation—is available to everyone. No one is beyond His reach; no one falls outside the boundaries of His willingness to forgive. Anyone who calls on Him will be saved, He says. But, does that really include names like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Susan Atkins, Charles “Tex” Watson, Sean Sellers, David Berkowitz, and Karla Faye Tucker?

Redeemed Unredeemable: When America’s Most Notorious Criminals Came Face to Face with God features a close look into the lives of infamous members of the Manson Family disciples such as Susan Atkins and Charles “Tex” Watson, as well as serial killer Ted Bundy, “Milwaukee Monster” Jeffrey Dahmer, “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz, “Pickaxe Killer” Karla Faye Tucker, and parent-killer Sean Sellers.



Broken For Good CD "Right Where you Stand"

Joe Horn and Broken For Good 'Right Where You Stand' is the greatly anticipated 2016 musical release from International award winning musician/guitarist Joe Ardis Horn. It is a soulful, spiritual collection of original arrangements that offer the listener a powerful message of hope, redemption and Salvation. This album is a gutsy, gritty, passionate endeavor that includes the Electric blues, Gospel, and Christian-Rock Genres.


Jonny Was a Criminal DVD

The special 'Jonny project' DVD features a special one on one message of salvation and redemption with Pastor Bruce Belin, the lead actor who portrays "Jonny" in the Jonny music video. This DVD also includes a special commentary from writer/producer of the Jonny Project, Joe Ardis Horn, as well as the special skywatch tv world premier countdown programs to the Jonny music video debut! A special bonus program on this DVD "When Jesus Sets You Free" featuring John McTernan and Donna Howell is included as well, in which both of these incredible authors outline Christ's redemptive plan for all people who will receive his forgiveness and Grace. The Jonny Project DVD is a powerful witnessing tool for your reference library, or to give to someone who is looking for a new beginning in Jesus!


Besides Still Water CD

Beside Still Waters" is an incredible, melodic collection of Celtic, traditional hymns, and original compositions by finger-style acoustic guitar instrumental master Stan Williams.

When Jesus Sets you Free Book 

Although this book is aimed at prisoners, it has a far broader reach; anyone who understands the legal system can understand this message. The concepts found in this book have resulted from a merger of John's 26 years of career experience as a federal agent, his intensive study of the Bible, and his ministry to prisoners. Together they have given him a unique understanding of how God deals with man through a precise legal system. If you understand man's legal system, then it is very easy to understand God's.

The key is to see sin as the equivalent of crime in God's system, and then all the rest falls into place. The Gospel of Jesus Christ does not "hang in the air," but is tied directly into a divine legal system with Jesus Christ as your Defense Attorney. It is very clear that God deals with man through a legal context. After reading this book, you will fully understand why you need Jesus Christ as your Savior/Advocate. May God use this book to give you assurance of eternal life with Him, through His ordained Advocate and Attorney for you, Jesus Christ. 1 John 2:1 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

Chaplain John McTernan served as a U.S. Treasury Agent for 26 years before retiring in 1998 as the Agent-in-Charge of the Harrisburg, PA office. He is a co-founder of International Cops For Christ and an ordained chaplain. He began his prison ministry in 1980 and has preached the message, of "When Jesus Sets You Free," across America. He is the author of the bestselling book, "As America Has Done to Israel." John has a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Ph.D. from Calvary Christian College. He has four children and six grandchildren.