The Greater Cause CD: Multiple Grammy® and Dove Award-winning recording artist John Schlitt unleashes The Greater Cause, his first full-length CD since his critically-acclaimed 2008 release, The Grafting. The Gospel Music Hall of Fame member returns to his rock roots with this project! Schlitt's signature vocals soar, with driving guitars and thundering drums creating an explosive sonic atmosphere packed with drive and intensity.

Lyrically, The Greater Cause focuses on the relevance of faith in an increasingly secular world. "Every song on the album has a message that is pertinent to what is happening in our daily lives," Schlitt says. "How relevant are we, as Christians, in the world today? We need to use common sense and awaken to the fact that Jesus is Lord, no matter what those around us may say or do. On The Greater Cause, Schlitt's vocals soar on the anthemic "Hope That Saves The World", and thunder on the blues-laden, "Love Won't Leave Me Alone", but Schlitt also knows how to pull back to an intimate intensity on emotional ballads like "The Gift".

The Grafting: The Grafting could be considered a softer rock album than Schlitt’s first two solo endeavors, but his signature vocals still bring the rock feel home. Less than a handful of the cuts could really be called worship songs, like “Lord Have Mercy” and “Carry On”, which is a nice cut to end the project. But even the rockier numbers have an attitude of worship, like “Face of God” with the lyrics: “Do you hear what heaven hears? Do you know it in your heart? Do you share the pain and cry the tears, but don’t know where to start?” The title cut takes you back to the Glen Campbell country days, smooth and easy -- a nice departure for Schlitt. He really puts his heart into this one, as he explains: “It’s a very personal song to me, because I have two grandsons that are adopted by my oldest child and her husband. And on a much greater scale - we are adopted children of God ONLY because He loved us so much that He grafted us into His family because of our faith in His Son, Jesus. In both scenarios my grandchildren and myself, and all believers, were made part of a family because of the actions of someone else - it was nothing we did to accomplish this.” “Gravity” uses the most electricity, and John’s vocals are truly rocker quality. But it’s the closest you’ll get on this cd to rock and roll. Contrast that with “Your Eyes”, a piano driven ballad about how God will someday wipe every tear from our eyes, and you’ve got a melting pot of top quality, contemporary music.

The Grafting reveals John Schlitt’s tender side, but John Schlitt the rock star can’t help but slip out from time to time.

Keep your lights on, a tour portrait DVD::Video portrait of John Schlitt's European Tour 2009 with the band "Adahl." Follow John and band on the Swedish leg of the tour, with live music performances of Schlitt & Petra songs, behind the scenes footage, practices, intimate moments with John as he walks through his life story from his childhood, historical photos/videos of Head East and Petra --- and much more! (in the vein of "Backstage Pass" by Petra) Produced and directed by Rickard Karlsson-Widgren in Orebro, Aneby and Halmstad, Sweden June 17-21, 2009.

(DVD shipped in a white paper sleeve without a case) Length: 50 minutes

A day in the studio 1986 DVD: Join John Schlitt as he gives a behind-the-scenes look during a recording session for “Back to the Street,” the first Petra album featuring John Schlitt as lead vocalist. This 30-minute home video was filmed at Pakaderm Studio in Long Beach, CA, in 1986. See the actual studio recording with John Elefante, John Lawry and Mark Kelly laying down backing vocals, Dino Elefante giving direction, Bob Hartman hanging out on the couch… and John Lawry snoozing! Follow John Schlitt as he shows you around the studio and the apartment where Petra stayed while recording – guess which Petra members do and do not make their beds every morning! It’s an up close & personal FUN look at a day in the studio with John Schlitt, Petra & the Elefantes!

(DVD shipped in a white paper sleeve without a case)