The Joel Richardson Special Offer

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Does God use catastrophe to mobilize his people for his glory!?!? Is there finally definitive evidence of the actual location of Mount Sinai, the very place where God’s presence was revealed in “a blazing fire”!?!? New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, and teacher Joel Richardson is back with 2 brand new works that take these subjects head on! Skywatch TV is proud to announce the Joel Richardson 2-book special offer!


This special offer includes “The Mystery of Catastrophe” Where you’ll learn to view catastrophes in an entirely new light! You’ll see first hand how God uses natural and man-made disasters to specifically position people to hear the gospel of the one and only true God, and receive salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ! This must read book will walk you step by step down the eschatological road of biblical prophecies to offer meaning and hope to individuals that are suffering!

In this timely, 2 book special offer you’ll also receive “Mount Sinai in Arabia: The True Location Revealed”! Complete with more than fifty full-color photographs and maps this beautiful work looks at: The biblical evidence for Mount Sinai being in the land of Midian! Mount Sinai in ancient Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions! Paintings of archers guarding the base of the mountain! The evidence that Paul journeyed to Mount Sinai! The discovery of Moses’ altar and the golden calf altar, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Sold separately these items hold a retail value of $40.00, yours now for your donation of ONLY $25.00 plus S/H!


Nows your chance to get both of these incredible new books at one super low price! Order “The Joel Richardson Special Offer” online now at the SkyWatchTV store! Or call 844-750-4985!