The Great Delusion Special Offer


The Great Delusion  3 DVD Special offer!  Sold separately these items hold a retail value of $75.00, yours now for your donation of only $35.00 plus S/H while supplies last!


The Great Delusion DVD

Josh Peck’s new documentary “The Great Delusion” reveals for the first time:

• Why the Vatican is in possession of a telescope named L.U.C.I.F.E.R.!

• Why the ancient and mysterious Anasazi suddenly disappeared from the historic record!

• How aliens abductions might be connected to the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis!

• If there is a secret alien/human hybridization program being conducted!

• If there is a connection between aliens and supernatural entities such as demons and fallen angels and what we can do to prepare for what’s ahead!

You will also see stunning reports on the UFO phenomena by Dr. Thomas Horn, Josh Peck, L.A. Marzulli, Timothy Alberino, Nick Pope, Cris Putnam, Chuck Missler, and many more!!

Rome and the Star God DVD

With Vatican officials confessing to know of interactions between high-ranking government officials and our “alien brothers” the general public is being conditioned not only to accept aliens as the more advanced and knowledgeable of Jesus’ “other sheep” but we are also being conditioned to accept the arrival of an ancient evil reborn in human flesh... the “Star God”. Could it be that this star “god” is not fully a god but instead a human inhabited by the spirit of the fallen Lucifer himself? Or will he be the ultimate transhumanist’s dream, part human, part deity, just like the genetic hybrid Nephilim of old? 


Astrobiology DVD

In this information packed presentation, author Cris Putnam unpacks the assumptions of astrobiology and the Vatican's uncanny interest in extra-terrestrial life. Since 1992 four Jesuit astronomers have expressed a desire to baptize ETs into the Catholic church. In May, 2014 Pope Francis shocked the world by following suit remarking that even ETs might ask to be baptized. Is this all just tongue in cheek or do they know something we don't? In light of two Vatican sponsored astrobiology conferences (2009-2014) many suspect they do. Learn what the media isn't telling you about UFOs and the Vatican's Plan for ET disclosure.