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Giants, Gods and Dragons Book

Giants are real. The small-g “gods” of the pagans are real. Dragons are real. 

And they’re preparing for the final war with God. 

Giants, Gods, and Dragons is a fresh look at the end of days, drawing on the worldview of the prophets and apostles, who understood that the spirit realm is far more real than we‘ve been taught.

Unmasking the Ancient Gods DVD

SkyWatchTV’s Derek and Sharon Gilbert pull back the veil that’s hidden the true faces of the supernatural enemies of God for millennia. This two-disc DVD set features six cutting-edge presentations recorded at the 2017 Blessed Hope Prophecy Conference in Norman, Oklahoma.

  • Epigenetics and the Age of the Machine: Self-Directed Apotheosis (Sharon)
  • Return of the Great Old Ones: Crowley, Chaos, and ET Disclosure (Derek)
  • In Gods We Trust: The Return of the Ancients Through Pharmakeia, Necromancy, and Virtual Reality (Sharon)
  • Charting the Uttermost North: Why Gog of Magog Won’t Be Human (Derek)
  • The Real Jack the Ripper: Spiritual Warfare in the 19th Century (Sharon)
  • Last Clash of the Titans: Mystery Babylon and the Return of the Old Gods (Derek)
The Four Horsemen DVD

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are real entities, not just symbols of conquest, war, famine, and death. SkyWatchTV’s Derek P. Gilbert and Sharon K. Gilbert, hosts of Unraveling Revelation, take you deep inside Bible prophecy to show you who these beings are and when they began their ride.


  1. Rider on the White Horse
  2. Rider on the Red Horse
  3. Rider on the Black Horse
  4. Rider on the Pale Horse
  5. The Chariots of Zechariah
  6. Zechariah, the Watchers and Babylon
  7. A Study on Horses in the Bible
  8. Chaos and the Four Horsemen
  9. Recapping the Riders
  10. Hades, Hermes, and Death

Wars of The Gods: Vol 1 Search for the Titans DVD
Discover the evidence with SkyWatch TV hosts, Derek and Sharon Gilbert, as they tour Israel, Jordan, and the mysterious megalithic towers of Sardinia! Special guests include, Timothy Alberino, Anselm Pi Rambla, Aaron Lipkin! "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." - Genesis 6:4

Wars of the Gods: Vol. 2 Search for the Rephaim 2 Disc set 

Documentary the Search for the Raphaim where DEREK AND SHARON GILBERT take you on a guided tour of the Holy Land ground zero in the long war with the fallen Realm..


  • Mysterious Gilgal Refaim… created for the veneration of the Dead
  • The plains of MOAB… Where worshipping the gods of the underworld brough disaster on Israel…
  • And bonus teachings by guests like PASTOR CARL GALLUPS AND MESSIANIC RABBI ZEV PORAT!
This is War DVD

SkyWatchTV host Derek Gilbert teaches on the long spiritual war from Eden to Armageddon. This two-disc set features six one-hour presentations recorded at the Look, He is Coming With the Clouds Prophecy Conference at Crosspointe Church in Sanger, California in September, 2019.

  • God vs. the Gods: The Divine Council and War in the Heavens
  • War for the Mount: Holy Mountains from Eden to Armageddon
  • Fe Fi Fo Fum! Giants in the Bible and Why They Matter
  • From Chaos to Crowley: UFOs, the Occult, and the Return of the Old Gods
  • Bad Moon Rising: Islam, Armageddon, and the Most Diabolical Double-Cross in History
  • Last Clash of the Titans: The Prophesied War Between Jesus Christ and the Gods of Antiquity

The Battle Against Giants, Gods, and Dragons DVD

Spiritual warfare for the end times: SkyWatchTV’s Derek and Sharon Gilbert, authors of the ground-breaking books Veneration and Giants, Gods, and Dragons, present more than four hours of biblical teaching on spiritual warfare and the enemy we face in the last days—the giants, gods, and dragons who are preparing for the final battle of the ages, Armageddon.


  • My God and My Fortress: A Study of Psalm 91 (Sharon K. Gilbert)
  • Panoplia: Explaining the Armor of Ephesians 6  (Sharon K. Gilbert)
  • Giants, Gods and Dragons: Psalm 68 and the Prophesied Battle of Bashan  (Derek P. Gilbert)