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Satan is setting up the end times beast system as we speak but the church is fighting back! 

True Power Book by David Heavener

A War Manual for every soldier in God’s Army! In these perilous times more are in danger of being deceived by lying signs and wonders than every before! In “True Power” you will discover:


  • The Power of the Fearing the Lord
  • The Origin of True Power
  • If you have sold or traded away your Power
  • AND The Power of the Watch Warrior

End-Times Investigation book

by David Heavener

With over 35 years as a Hollywood filmmaker with experience in mental health, David Heavener has very unique insights into the dark underbelly of the movie and television industry and is ready to reveal how the media machine as a whole is one of the main tools setting up the final beast system of the Antichrist and Satan himself! In his book “End-Times Investigations with David Heavener” you will learn about:

 The Hollywood mind control machine and the Deep State’s new media partner

  • The associations between antipsychotic drugs, shock therapy, and the film “The Exorcist”
  • The connection between Jeffrey Epstein, the Holocaust, and if German scientists are still doing Nazi-esque procedures today
  • AND the demonic connection between Charles, Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and many other demented criminal minds!

Occultianity DVD

In this exclusive, never before released DVD Donna Howell and Allie Henson walk you step by step through the well-laid plans of an occult oligarchy who are, as we speak, advancing the way for the system of antichrist, all while a silent, complacent church has forgotten the true power of the Body of Christ and are inadvertently laying the foundation for the bloodiest cult the world has ever seen! THIS DVD ALONE IS A LAST-DAY’S WARNING THAT ALL TRUE BELIEVERS MUST HAVE THAT WILL EQUIP GOD’S ANOINTED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE & POWER THEY NEED TO SET PEOPLE FREE FROM POWERS OF DECEPTION!