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Have you heard of God’s threshold covenant? If you haven’t, you’re in for a roller-coaster ride of biblical discovery that will enhance your understanding of God’s Word and its application to your daily life like never before. Even if you are familiar with this ancient biblical concept, in Blood Alliance, Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat will take you on a deeper dive into the subject than you’ve ever before experienced. This incredible journey will produce more moments of explosive insight than you can imagine.

Rabbi Porat is uniquely qualified to explore these topics with you—not only because of his riveting testimony, which is included in this book, but also because Hebrew is his first language. That means the insights he brings regarding the nuances of the ancient and original language of the Bible prove invaluable. Additionally, he comes from a long line of significant rabbinical figures in Israel’s modern history, providing him with yet another valuable perspective. Zev’s faith in Yeshua-Jesus is solid and magnetic! His grasp of biblical and historical truths, as well as the life applications of these discoveries, is refreshingly unique.

The Rabbi, the Secret Message and the Identity of the Messiah Book


The ordeal reads like a mystery novel. But, this is not fiction.
In early 2005, Israel's most venerated Orthodox Rabbi, Yitzhak Kaduri, claimed he had met the true, soon-coming Messiah. He also made a public announcement that he had written Messiah's name in a note. He said he would turn that note over to his ministry officials to be kept secret and locked away until one year after his death. Then, after that time, the note was to be posted on his website at
Just a few months later, Kaduri was dead. Little did the world know what revelation awaited them.
Finally, the note was posted. JESUS is Messiah. That's when the global spiritual and political firestorm erupted. Several of the key players in this story are immersed in vicious abandon, attempting to bring the stunning revelation to a grinding halt. And they have already proven that they will stop at almost nothing.

Unmasking the Chaldean Spirit Book 

 which details his stunning supernatural conversion from a deeply Orthodox Jewish man to faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah as he faced literal demonic manifestations, temptations of great wealth to denounce his faith in Yeshua. Yet, through it all he pressed on, with a glowing zeal for the Word of God and the people of Israel!