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Hereafter Book

by Terry James and Jonathan Brentner

Understanding our lives in the Hereafter changes everything:

Hereafter—It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine will broaden your understanding of Heaven and deepen your longing for Jesus’ appearing and the start of eternity. Thoughts of the splendor ahead for believers strengthened the Apostle Paul during his many hardships (Romans 8:18), and a grasp of the wonders ahead for us as saints will do the same for you.

The thrilling perspective presented in Hereafter has changed everything for its authors, and we pray the glimpse of Heaven we provide on its pages will lift your eyes heavenward in the expectation of the magnificent blessings that lie ahead for you.


Nearing Midnight Book

By Terry James

Some of the world’s top scientists have, since 1947, been setting the imaginary “doomsday clock” to keep up with how near we might be to atomic destruction. They believe that when the hour and minute hand reach midnight, humankind will have completely been destroyed through atomic warfare.

Movement of that symbolic indicator of the last time grows more frightening with each tick. But there is only one accurate timepiece that signals when the midnight hour approaches for humankind: God’s prophetic Word—the Holy Bible.

In Nearing Midnight: As It Was in the Days of Lot, noted biblical prophecy expert Terry James explores, in detail and through the prism of God’s Word, long-ago prophesied matters now unfolding hourly.

    James explores the strange wickedness and evil that are accelerating and threatening world-rending cataclysm at every level. Jesus Christ’s prophecies regarding this very time in which we live help us know precisely how near we are to the midnight hour and offer us the peace we have in the blessed hope of His soon return.

    The Triumph of the Redeemed book

    by Jonathan Brentner

     Where does your mind run to in the midst of adversity? How do you cope with these perilous times that touch all of our lives in some significant way?

    Although most believers say they possess a hope of living forever in heaven, more often than not they pin their expectations on temporal outcomes when battered by the storms of life.

    The Triumph of the Redeemed reveals how the specifics of our eternal inheritance enable us to put the chaos that surrounds us into a biblical prophetic framework that both calms and encourages our hearts. It’s the details of our future life in paradise that redirect our attention to the joys ahead for us when all seems lost.

    The author, Jonathan Brentner, learned the necessity of an eternal perspective when painful circumstances turned his life upside down. Despite loving to preach on prophecy as a young pastor, he tried in vain to maintain his earthly dreams when adversity struck. A forever outlook on life would not have calmed the seas in the midst of his storm, but it would have made the path to healing much less distressing.

    The neglect of Bible prophecy not only adds to the pain we endure, but it also leaves us ill-prepared to live in a fear-ridden society. It’s the particulars of our future that provide us with a hopeful context into which we can place the violence, chaos, and lawlessness of our day.

    The Coming Judgments DVD 

    where Terry James and Pete Garcia delve into great detail on the Seal, Trumpet, and Bowl judgments listed in the book of Revelation! This exclusive DVD also features Johnathan Brenter’s presentation entitled “Hope in the Rapture”! You'll be shocked when you find out why the Thessalonians were grief-stricken regarding the Rapture upon receiving the Apostle Paul’s first letter, and how you can be free from this very same trap!