8 Days Special Collection


8 Days Special Collection”

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The 8 Days Special Collection includes!

In this timely collection you’ll receive the cinematic movie inspired by actual events from director Jaco Booyens, 8 days! This shocking presentation is already being described as “Intense and Emotional, But real” and masterfully illustrates sequence by sequence how the victims of sex trafficking are often lured in to entrapment, portrayed through the eyes of of the lead characters! This incredible film does not contain any illicit sexual content or language! 


This incredible collection also includes the phenomenal book and Companion Workbook on Disc, Woman of Influence written by 8 Days lead actress Katie Walker! This 30-day devotional and companion workbook on disc is an inspiring, deeply affirming and educational set that will encourage women to walk in the true identity of influence and purpose bestowed on them as daughters of the most high God! Journey through this devotional set while alone in your quiet time or experience it with friends!


But that’s not all, you’ll also receive on DVD, the never before released, uncensored, off the record interview with the team behind the 8 days movie, featuring Jaco & Philipa Booyens, and actress Katie Walker as they disclose the hard hitting realities of just how far the sex trafficking industry reaches, what the Trump administration has done to rescue thousands of victims, how the children of communities including yours may be at risk, and what you can do to fight back!


Sold separately this invaluable collection holds a retail value of $90.00, yours now for your donation of ONLY $35.00 plus S/H!