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Documentary DVD The Coming UFO Invasion, Exposing The Dragon’s Dark Secrets!” In this ground breaking film, legendary researcher and reporter Dr. L.A. Marzulli rips the cover off the terrifying secrets of Alien abduction and UFO visitation, in never-before-seen interviews with actual victims of these seemingly unstoppable phenomenon's! What, or who, is entering the homes of these victims, removing them, and once removed what is being done to them? And for what purpose? Is it demonic activity? L.A. listens to first hand accounts of these horrific encounters, and offers biblical answers to this alarming problem that will help individuals suffering these terrors find freedom in Jesus Christ!

Vicki Anderson’s brand new book They Only Come Out At Night! This riveting page-turner reveals biblical answers to:

* The mystery surrounding Asklepion's, the ancient healing temples of servants and astral encounters!

* Whether Vampires and ancient threshold covenants are fact or fiction!

* Who the primary targets of the entities behind sleep paralysis actually are, and whether or not YOU may be one of them!

* What your way out of the astral matrix really is! AND SO MUCH MORE!

MP3 DISC Doctrines of Devils! Listen as Steven Bancarz interviews Doreen Virtue, World Renowned, former best selling author and teacher for the new age, as she explains her incredible, supernatural journey out of the occult and in to the arms of Jesus! This over 12-hour series features bonus interviews with Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. Thomas Horn, John McTernan, Gary Bates and many more on the subjects of Ghosts, Demons and the Supernatural!