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Before Genesis book by Donna Howell and Dr. Thomas Horn

By far, the leading interpretation of today’s Church regarding the age of this planet, Earth, takes us back to approximately 4004 BC: the year believed to be Adam’s creation.

However, just as Galileo challenged the Church to accept that Earth circles the sun (not the other way around), it is far beyond time for traditional interpretations regarding our planet’s earliest ages—and what occurred between God and Lucifer during those eras—to be updated in light of what we know today. Once this is done, the evidence overwhelmingly stacks in favor of a harmony between science and theology.

Dr. Thomas Horn and his research assistant, Donna Howell, have waded through thousands of scholarly journals, books, articles, videos, and other media to present an astounding work like none other in this field of study that brings a fresh, modern perspective to contemporary sciences, the age-old question of what God’s first enemy did to Earth in the days it was “without form, and void” (Genesis 1:2), and what may have really happened in the days of Adam.

What Lies Beneath, The Lost Secrets of the Watchers Below Gobekli Tepe DVD 

Featuring Archaeologist and author Dr. Aaron Judkins and best selling Author Derek Gilbert as they reveal Gobekli Tepe’s historical use as a place of Watchers worship, the evidence of a cult that venerated human skulls-and-reptilian creators, and the links between the god of Göbekli Tepe and the Bible!”

Earth's Earliest Age, The Apocrypha, and Unearthing the Lost world of the Cloudeaters are not a physical product!  

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