Ultimate Gilbert Bundle




As the Stuart and Sinclair families prepare to celebrate Christmas at Branham, a mysterious group called the Blackstone Exploration Society dig for hidden secrets in the estate’s old tunnels. After one of the group’s volunteers is found murdered, Charles Sinclair must use all his skill to unmask the killer; be he spirit or flesh. Redwing is fracturing, and even Raziel is at risk; whilst in France, a powerful challenger arises. The powers and principalities of hell conspire to bewitch the men of the inner circle, and Redwing’s oldest goals bear evil fruit. Are Charles’s vivid dreams part of that plan? Are they lies, or is he beginning to remember his lost childhood? If so, then why do they always include a Dragon?

Having suffered a nearly fatal head wound, Charles Sinclair has awoken in a nightmarish landscape of living stones and sentient trees, where demonic ravens watch his every move, ready for an easy meal. His only hope of escape is to traverse a treacherous maze of seven concentric rings, each with seven possible entries. His guide through this underworld labyrinth is a nameless birdman, who informs the desperate marquess that a refuge lies at the centre of the maze-if he can only reach it. Following her escape from the fire, Elizabeth Sinclair has been taken to Anatole's castle on the western edge of London, but now suffers from pneumonia. Romanov summons the aid of Dr. Henry MacAlpin, a Scottish physician who had been able to perceive the realm of the unseen since his childhood. Elsewhere, in London, someone is murdering Redwing's most prominent members, leaving occult signatures at every blood-spattered scene. The inner circle must solve this series of crimes to prevent Raziel Grigor from activating a subterranean portal and releasing the next of his Watcher companions. The clues to success rest within a hidden room inside Haimsbury House, but the information is in a complex cipher that defies decryption. Will Beth and Charles reunite? What part will Anatole Romanov play in their lives from this moment forward? Lorena MacKey knows the answer, but will Paul Stuart believe her? The clock is ticking, and the faith of every member will be tested in this next phase of Redwing's master plan.

The Blood Is the Life: Book 3

Mary Kelly’s body is discovered, and a new Shadow arises in the east; a monster with a ravenous appetite for human blood. This ancient Vampire challenges Redwing’s leadership, causing fractures that erupt into civil war. At Queen Anne House, the wedding day approaches, but treason within the inner circle threatens to destroy all their lives. Charles Sinclair continues to experience supernatural encounters, and Paul Stuart faces a test of faith. After considering suicide, Ida Ross finds a gallant champion, but is her protector more than just a man? Mr. Thirteen escapes Castor Asylum, and a Redwing loyalist defects. Will their confessions help Charles and Paul prevent disaster on Beth’s wedding day?  The clock is ticking towards a final showdown between good and evil. Who will remain standing on November eighteenth?


Blood Rites: Book 2

As Charles and Beth plan their wedding, the newly titled detective must unravel the clues to a riddle that hints at his past, and he is forced to reveal a dark secret to his beloved duchess. But worst of all, wolves that walk like men have been seen at St. Katherine’s Docks and Victoria Park. Is all of this connected to a cedar crate shipped to England in 1870? Might an ancient stone marker be the source of the evil now stalking women in London? Redwing’s members have redoubled their efforts, but a schism has arisen within their ranks, and two powerful spiritual entities begin a battle that rages not only in the infernal realm but in the world of men. Can the faithful men and women of the ‘inner circle’ solve the riddle in time? And why is Charles Sinclair’s blood so very special to the infernal realm? Sir William Trent knows the answer to that question, but his plans do not include Sinclair. He wants Elizabeth all to himself, which means both Paul Stuart and Charles Sinclair must die.


Blood Lies: Book 1

The Ripper murders did not begin in 1888, but in March of 1879, when a beautiful woman is found slain and dismembered on Commercial Street in Spitalfields, London. When detectives arrive, they find not only the broken body of the victim, but a child who remembers nothing of who she is or how she came to be at the scene. Because the little girl has no known home, a gentle-hearted detective inspector named Charles St. Clair takes her to his home, and from that point on, his life will never be the same. Over the course of the next ten years, he’ll learn not only all about the girl but also about himself. And St. Clair will learn the truth about a supernatural battle that has been raging across England for four hundred years.



Best of SciFriday Vol. 2 Disc 1
  1. You’re Being Drugged by Plastics
  2. Tom Horn: AI Gods and The Milieu
  3. Archaeology Exposes the Horned God
  4. Tunguska and Tesla
  5. Altered Carbon and Transhumanism’s Future
  6. King Arthur, Comets, and Climate Change
  7. SciFi Gods
  8. The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment
Best of SciFriday Vol. 2 Disc 2
  1. 5G Trades DNA for Data
  2. Carl Teichrib: Tech and Transformation
  3. Israel and the ET Antichrist
  4. A Rip in the Surface of the Earth
  5. Westworld and the Nature of Reality
  6. Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age Conference
  7. The Little Ice Age
  8. Cryptids and Theobiology


War of The Gods-Search for the Titans:
Discover the evidence with SkyWatch TV hosts, Derek and Sharon Gilbert, as they tour Israel, Jordan, and the mysterious megalithic towers of Sardinia! Special guests include, Timothy Alberino, Anselm Pi Rambla, Aaron Lipkin! "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown, - Genesis 6:4