True Power: Access Your God-Given Power As A Child Of God


God’s Army has just been provided with a War Manual for all soldiers...and YOU are currently holding a copy.

You’ve heard it said: We are in the “Last Days.” These are perilous times, and we are rapidly approaching the final hour. As the apostle foretold of this moment in time, people are becoming lovers of themselves and embracing false signs and wonders (2 Timothy 3:1–9), paving the way for the antichrist system to rise up and persecute Christians on a mass scale…

God’s people have access to a weapon that protects them from evil and disarms those who would stand against them. Though this tool can be called by the familiar term “power,” once it has been defined and illuminated by the context of God’s might and infinity, this True Power from the Almighty becomes the very force that equips believers for victory in any battle and against every foe. Jesus said that His followers will do “even greater works” than He (John 14:12). That is the fiercest Power in the universe!

As soldiers, there has never been a more crucial time to understand what the Bible says about God’s Power within us!

In True Power, you will discover:

  • The Origin of Power
  • How Power is Transferred
  • Whether you have sold or traded away your Power
  • The Power of the “Real” Amazing Grace
  • The Power of Fearing the Lord
  • The Power of the Watch Warrior
  • And Much More!