The Untold History of the Bible


The Untold History of the Bible: Based on the award winning documentary, “A Lamp in the Dark,” this newly edited version is about half the length of the three hour original. It has been designed as a concise witnessing tool, while preserving the vital insights and dramatic integrity of the original.

Enter into the world of saints and martyrs wrestling against the powers and principalities of the Dark Age, when the Bible was outlawed by the Roman Church and those who dared to handle it faced imprisonment, torture and death. Learn the stories of the valiant men of faith who laid down their lives so that future generations could hear and believe the Word of God. The story of the Bible is also the story of the Church and the unfolding of the light of the Gospel in a dark and dying world. We truly believe it is sad that many of our brethren today do not realize the great sacrifice paid by the saints who have come before us for our sake. It is our prayer and sincere hope that this work will continue to equip and strengthen the faith of others.

This new DVD is broken into the following chapters:

1. The Gospel: beginning in the first century, the gospel account is given, along with the warnings from Jesus and the Apostles concerning “grievous wolves” that should come to devour the flock of Christ.

2. Inquisition: while most modern believers are unaware of it, the Great Inquisition began – not over Muslims, Jews or witches – but rather, because of Bible believing Christians. Learn the details of how the Inquisition was launched to stamp out the preaching of the true Gospel and the knowledge of the Word of God.

3. Wycliffe: the man known as the “Morning Star of the Reformation,” John Wycliffe is one of the most important figures in Church history. Learn how he developed the first English Bible and was hated and accursed by Rome for it.

4. Reformation: from the influence of John Wycliffe and his Lollard preachers, to the Ninety-five Thesis of Martin Luther, along with the prophecy teachings of the Reformers themselves concerning Antichrist and Mystery Babylon the Great, this film documents the true (and often unknown) causes of the Protestant Reformation.

5. Tyndale: perhaps the single most important man in the history of English bibles, William Tyndale was known as “the apostle of England,” and was persecuted for years before being martyred for the Word of God. From his memorial on the River Thames to the Tyndale Museum near Brussels, travel with the production to see where this man of God was burnt at the stake for his faith.

6. English Bibles: the history of how our English bibles were developed, beginning with the Wycliffe Bible, to the collation of Greek texts by Erasmus, through the translation work of William Tyndale to the King James Version of 1611.

7. The Jesuits: in 1540 the Society of Jesus was founded by Ignatius Loyola for the purpose of overthrowing the Protestant Reformation, and to ultimately subvert the Bibles produced by the Reformation. Learn the origin of the society that was once called “the engineer corps of hell.”

8. The KJV: known as the best selling book of all time, the King James translation is seen as the crowing achievement of the Reformation, and a uniting text for English Protestantism. Because of its symbolism, Rome and the Jesuit Order have always hated this Bible and have spent centuries seeking to destroy it. Learn the plan set forth by the Jesuits in the 19th century to “seize” control of the Bible. Is it possible, that this affects our bibles even today?

The Untold History of the Bible is designed as an educational tool, featuring powerful dramatizations of key historic events, along with on-location footage in the U.S., England and Belgium. Also included are original interviews with leading Bible scholars and curators from the British Library in London, the Tyndale Museum in Vilvoorde, and Erasmus House in Anderlecht, Belgium.