The Silent Cry Help The Children Package


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A child who is trafficked is sexually abused on average 5 to 15 times a day, and only 1% of these crimes are ever reported. This unimaginable darkness MUST BE STOPPED! Right now we want to invite you to join us in the fight to end child sex trafficking. Skywatch TV is proud to announce the “Silent Cry Help The Children Package!”
An excess of 500,000 children are being trafficked every single day in our country alone. Now is the time to take action! 100% of the profits from your donation for The ‘Silent Cry Help The Children Package’ goes directly to Whispering Ponies Ranch, a safe haven where children who have been abused in unimaginable ways can find rehabilitation and healing in Jesus Christ. 

Included in this package!


Silent Cry DVD

 When you order the groundbreaking new feature documentary movie ‘Silent Cry’ from film visionary Josh Peck, you’ll learn first hand from the world’s most renowned experts in the fields of trafficking, pedophilia and satanism how Hollywood elites are actively engaged in the sexual exploitation of children! Why the mainstream media and culture are attempting to normalize pedophilia! Why we can’t depend on the government to eradicate this ever present evil, and what the risks are to you, your family members and communities! 

Covert Investigation DVD

Plus the lead authorities from the silent cry movie are back in the never before released ‘Covert Investigation’ on DVD! Featuring pivotal, never-before-seen commentaries that couldn’t be included in the original silent cry film! From cases of demonic possession, to satanic perversion, Experts on the front lines discuss the worst crimes fathomable being committed against the most innocent among us!

Occult of Perversion MP3 Audio Disc

You’ll also receive the brand new MP3 audio series on CD ‘Occult of Perversion!’ In this explosive series, experts like Russ Dizdar, William Ramsey and others share extremely sensitive research into the most perverse evils plaguing our country now! Proving through over 12 hours of content, that believers must combat this spiritual malevolence for the sake of our children!

Fake News or Hidden Truth? DVD

This incredible package also includes the never-before-released DVD, ‘Fake News or Hidden Truths!’ Join investigative researcher Steven Bancarz as he guides you through the most current research into the Pizzagate scandal! Is it all conspiracy? Who is involved? How does it pertain to events unfolding right now? Steven shares explosive new revelations on the subject that have come to light since Pizzagate first broke, and haven’t been revealed to the public until now!

Epstein's Orgy Island MP3 Audio Disc

Finally the paradigm shattering audio series by Dr. Thomas Horn himself, The Hidden Occultism of Epstein’s Orgy Island! What demonic atrocities were going on at Epstein island, and who were the high powered individuals involved in some of the darkest occultist activities the world has ever witnessed? The contents of this mind boggling, 3 part, exclusive MP3 audio series comes directly from the private vault of Dr. Thomas Horn!