The Real Clash of the Titans


The Real Clash of the Titans (DVD)


Bible stories you’ve known since childhood are actually accounts of supernatural war between God and the gods who rebelled. In three paradigm-changing presentations, Derek P. Gilbert, author of The Great Inception, shows where and how these battles took place and the importance of holy mountains to the rebels who conspire to steal the throne of God.

Gilbert also shows, through research into archaeology and ancient languages, that the Titans of Greek myth were real—and that God once did battle with the demigod Hercules.

Also included on this DVD are two hours of exclusive interviews recorded for SkyWatchTV with renowned Bible scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser, author of the groundbreaking book, Reversing Hermon. Dr. Heiser shows from the Bible that the sin of the angelic Watchers on Mount Hermon, mentioned briefly in the book of Genesis, is far more important to Christians than we have been told. In fact, understanding their sin is key to comprehending the full mission of Jesus Christ.

Program listing:

1. Yahweh vs. the Titans (presentation)

2. Yahweh vs. Hercules (presentation)

3. The Great Inception (presentation)

4. Reversing Hermon Part 1

5. Reversing Hermon Part 2

6. Reversing Hermon Part 3

7. Reversing Hermon Part 4