The Lost Prophecies and Ancient Mysteries Pack


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The Lost Prophecies of Qumran Book

By Josh Peck

Who could have known how much influence the writings of a mysterious group of prophets and scribes hundreds of years before Christ would have on our understanding of end times prophecy? As it turns out, much of what we’ve been taught about Israel in the First Century is incomplete. There were, in fact, Jewish believers who knew exactly what to expect in the coming Messiah: that He would be God in the flesh and would die for our sins. If they accurately predicted the first arrival of Jesus, what did they say about His soon return? 

Once you learn about the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls they left behind, you will understand the entirety of the Bible in a brand new light. Finally, the prophetic texts of Scripture can be understood as originally intended. Discover what God is revealing in these final years of our current age and what is ahead in the next age, soon to come!

Dr. Ken Johnson’s massive 3-part collection titled “The Ancient Mysteries of the Essenes" where Dr. Johnson compiles three of his most groundbreaking research studies on the Dead Sea Scrolls into one complete book!



In Part 1“The Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Calendar and the Prophecies it Reveals”, you will discover the secrets of the mysterious 364-day calendar used by the ancients since the time of Creation and how it has been hidden until now for the appointed time!


 In Part 2“Ancient Testaments of the Patriarchs: Autobiographies from the Dead Sea Scrolls” you will hear the previously hidden prophetic texts of such patriarchs as Enos (grandson of Adam), Lamech (father of Noah), Amram (father of Moses and Aaron) and even Enoch from The Book of Enoch fame!


In Part 3“The Ancient Order of Melchizedek” you will learn astonishing facts about the enigmatic priest Melchizedek such as why his priesthood was and is different than that of Levi, why the Messiah was ordained after the Order of Melchizedek, and how the facts surrounding this mysterious order dynamically effects the theology and practical applications of our Christian walks today!