Book - "No Regrets" By Robin Bertram 
Description:If you were to die today, have you really lived?
After facing the possibility of death, Robin Bertram took inventory of her life, and realized she was given a second chance: a chance to choose joy and to live life with no regrets.

In No Regrets Robin provides you with insight, encouragement and guidance to live a life that is impactful; to love deeply, to live passionately, and to leave a legacy.

You will be encouraged to:
  • Live each day like it's your last
  • Live intentionally with a Biblical worldview
  • Cultivate an awareness of everyday blessings
  • Develop a pay-it-forward mentality
  • Participate in a 31-day Love Challenge
Book - "Learning to Lean" By Multiple Authors
Description: Recently held a NO FENCES TELL YOUR STORY writing contest that invited people from around the world to share their personal accounts of inspiration, triumph, and survival. Stories submitted were from those who: *Never thought they had anything significant to share about their lives, and the journey they took to realize otherwise *Refused to let go of their dreams until God brought them to fruition *Prevailed over challenging issues (health, family, accidents, death, and other difficulties) *Have outlived a family member whose precious story of service, strength, valor, and passion was never told...until now. After hundreds of writers submitted their stories, ten SkyWatch TV judges worked together to narrow it down to the ten finalists, each of whom received a cash award and their original works are now published in this anthology. You will be inspired to find the reflection of God's grace working in your life today as you read Learning to Lean!
Book - "When Heaven Seems Silent" By Mark and Tammy Endres
Description: We know God’s plans and timing are perfect—but what do we do in the meantime?
Why does God make us wait, knowing it can be so difficult? Why doesn’t He act when time seems to be running out? Why does He answer some prayers in a moment and yet fulfill other promises after having us wait days, years, or even decades before the promise comes to pass? 
Mark and Tammy Endres have asked these questions and more. Though Mark was born with only one functioning hand, God has told them—again and again—that His plan is for complete healing. In When Heaven Seems Silent they share the lessons they have learned as they wait—lessons that have forever changed their perspective of God and how He works in the lives of His children. Through their inspiring story you will discover how to:
·          Hear God’s voice
·          Overcome disappointment
·          Wait without anger or offense
·          Face your emotions
·         Hold on to God’s promises, and much more!
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