The Day the Earth Stands Still: Unmasking the Old Gods Behind ETs, UFOs, and the Official Disclosure Movement

The secret effort behind official disclosure is revealed at last

What if the modern push for official disclosure concerning ETI and UFOs is actually an ancient effort? What if this conspiracy can be traced back to the old gods, fallen elohim, who rebelled against their Creator long ago? What if they're planning one final attempt to take control of our planet? Are they evil, or are they benevolent beings offering their assistance? And if they are returning, is it possible to pinpoint the exact date of official disclosure?

Noted researchers and authors Josh Peck (Abaddon Ascending, Unraveling the Multiverse) and Derek P. Gilbert (The Great Inception, Last Clash of the Titans) team up to expose the disturbing truth behind the push for official disclosure.

Learn what the Podesta WikiLeaks revealed about those controlling this movement. Discover the identities of the otherworldly beings pulling the strings from the shadows. Determine for yourself, finally, if evangelical Christianity could be compatible with genuine extraterrestrials (the answer might not be what you think). For the first time ever, Gilbert and Peck disclose the reality behind these age-old questions.

The Day the Earth Stands Still reveals: 
  • What led to the world being primed for ET disclosure 
  • The government's involvement from Roswell to today 
  • The media's influence on ET awareness 
  • What WikiLeaks revealed about the role of the Pope and previous U.S. presidents in official disclosure 
  • The identities of The Nine and other ET gods 
  • The role of mystical scientism in the UFO phenomenon 
  • How science fiction has contributed to the extraterrestrial gospel 
  • What current supernatural outer space research has taught humanity 
  • How an ancient entity of chaos has influenced the world since the beginning of time 
  • Whether we can know the exact day these otherworldly beings will return 
  • What we can do about all of this 
And much more!