The Dark Covenant Special Offer


Reverend Donna Howell and Special Investigator Allie Henson’s’ Brand New Eye-opening Book, “Dark Covenant” along with the never-before-released 4-Part “Dark Covenant Companion DVD” and “OCCULTIANITY—How The End-Times Church is forming now in preparation of Antichrist” on DVD! This is an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for our “SkyWatch Television” Audience! Yours for a donation of $35 plus S/H!

Sold separately these items hold a retail value of more than $75.00

Dark Covenant Book

How the church is being groomed to embrace the unthinkable in preparation for the enforcement of the mark of the beast!

• How the true body of Christ is being slowly positioned to be considered a public enemy, with the Bible labeled as hate speech and possibly soon prohibited!

• Why much of the Church has been lulled into a slumber over the preceding decades, and is unprepared to be a force for good in our troubled world!

• How much of western Christianity has actually become a cult!

• And, what the TRUE body of Christ can do to survive the modern assault on Christianity!


Join Reverend Donna Howell, Allie Henson and the SkyWatch Investigative team for this original 4-Part series on DVD! This eye-opening expose is already sending shockwaves through the western religious establishment and is certain to help ready the true remnant of God with the tools needed to navigate the coming days of persecution!


Occultianity DVD

 In this exclusive, never before released DVD Donna Howell and Allie Henson walk you step by step through the well-laid plans of an occult oligarchy who are, as we speak, advancing the way for the system of antichrist, all while a silent, complacent church has forgotten the true power of the Body of Christ and are inadvertently laying the foundation for the bloodiest cult the world has ever seen! THIS DVD ALONE IS A LAST-DAY’S WARNING THAT ALL TRUE BELIEVERS MUST HAVE THAT WILL EQUIP GOD’S ANOINTED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE & POWER THEY NEED TO SET PEOPLE FREE FROM POWERS OF DECEPTION!