The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

THE COMING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE—What The Bible Has To Say About The Impending War Of The Undead And What You Can Do To Prepare For It

Featuring Dr. Thomas Horn & Radio Legend Steve Quayle

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse: What The Bible Has To Say About The Impedning War Of The Undead And What You Can Do To Prepare For It is based on the best-selling book Blood on the Altar by Dr. Thomas Horn. It has been called “The Best Ever 6 Hours Of Audio”. This fascinating and sometimes frightening expose on little known passages from the Bible and Apocryphal texts as well as peer reviewed science reports covers such areas as:

• Does Bible prophecy actually predict an end-times army of Zombies? A Satanic resurrection?
• What does science say about the possibility that a real Zombie outbreak could occur?
• Did this happen before and is it why ancient Jericho built a giant wall around their city?
• Will the armies of Antichrist include the “Undead”? Spirits that are somehow reanimated?
• Has the U.S. Pentagon actually prepared a Zombie Apocalypse Defense Contingency?
• What ancient religious books prophecy the earth will open and spew out these beings?
• Does recent science discoveries indicate another world exists beneath the Earth’s crust?
• Has an “Evil Genetic Code” been discovered that could turn almost anybody into a Zombie?

Learn the answer to these questions and more as you listen for six hours to Dr. Thomas Horn and legendary radio personality Steve Quayle investigate the most cutting edge and groundbreaking facts from prophecy, discovery, science and the supernatural in this 6-hour set!