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Newly exposed geological evidence, combined with a convergence of global events, have many of the brightest biblical prophecy experts convinced that the tribulation is about to begin! Learn exactly what they’ve uncovered and what you need to know about the imminent future in the new “Coming Convergence Deluxe Special Offer”
In this unique special offer you’ll receive, the new, full-length, award winning documentary Film, “The Coming Convergence.”
Plus you’ll also receive the best selling 5-star documentary movie from Ingenuity Films “The Final Prophesies” This cutting edge documentary written and directed by Brent Miller Jr, is a look into biblical prophecy like you’ve never witnessed before! The Final Prophecies takes you on an epic journey to uncover the secrets behind middle eastern prophecy, and reveals how devastating political, financial, and environmental change on a global scale may be closer than ever!
But that’s not all! Also included in this special offer, the all-time best selling book “The Final Roman Emperor” Along with the Final Roman Emperor Companion DVD! A 5-Part, SkyWatch TV, special Investigative report! These two incredible works feature guests like Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Derek Gilbert and others! With this incredible Book and DVD set you’ll discover the weapon of mass destruction that ISIS will use and how it will lead to an Apocalypse! The preparations by the occult Elite and their visions of the final roman emperor from within the Vatican Vaults, and the coming battle for the cosmic mountain! Also exposed is Tom Horn’s greatest prediction yet, one that is sure to shake the foundations of the world!

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Is it possible to know the day of our demise? Jesus chastised religious leaders in ancient Jerusalem for not knowing the time of His first arrival. Will the prophesied final generation today make the same mistake? The Bible foretells that the end of days would be preceded by a sequence of global events that has never before occurred, but can this be proven? Through newly exposed geological and statistical evidence, a convergence of events has now been discovered that many believe finally prove the Tribulation is about to begin!

This whistleblower film breaks the mold of what a documentary can be by pulling you deeper into the reality of the approaching apocalypse as you follow the story of a young girl (Erin Hawkins) that is living through the end of days. Her cinematic interruptions throughout the documentary act as a warning to the genuine reality humankind will soon face. The conclusion of The Coming Convergence leaves such an impact that attendees during the film's theatrical premiere in California were driven to tears and shock.

Features Jack Hibbs, Ray Bentley, Douglas Hamp, Brent Miller Sr, Tom Hughes and Kade Hawkins. Written and directed by award winning filmmaker, Brent Miller Jr.


This award winning documentary presents new evidence you have to see to believe! The rational conclusions within this film will leave you shaken for days and provides overwhelming evidence that the world-ending prophecies from our ancient past are true and happening now. No matter your belief system, everyone needs to see this film before it's too late!


Following the release of their first three international bestsellers Petrus Romanus, Exo-Vaticana, and On the Path of the Immortals Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam were swamped with interview requests from radio, television, and print media outlets around the world. When they accurately predicted the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI one full year in advance, even naming the very month and year he would step down, global shock waves raised compelling questions regarding why the Vatican has an advanced telescope perched atop Mt. Graham in Arizona (USA) where the Jesuits admit they are monitoring something approaching Earth.


*Tom Horn's greatest prediction yet (this will shake the foundations of the world!)
*The WMD that ISIS will use, and how it will lead to an Apocalypse
*Petrus Romanus, Albert Pike, the Islamic State, and the coming Armageddon
*Pope Francis becomes the Destroyer (or shall there be another?)...
*The Last Crusade Agenda, hidden in plain sight
*The prophecy of the Last Roman Emperor in the Vatican vaults
*The prophecy of the Cumaean Sibyl on the Muslim s Mahdi
*Giants, a hidden Vatican doorway, and the coming Battle for the Cosmic Mountain
*Why many Christians, Muslims, and Jews will accept the Last Emperor as Messiah
*Preparations by the Occult Elite and their Visions of the Final Roman Emperor

5-part SkyWatch TV Special Investigative Report on the book "The Final Roman Emperor" Program DVD!