the Best of SciFriday Vol 1


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The Best of SciFriday Vol 1 $19.95 plus shipping.



  • Alien Abduction or Occult Ritual?
  • Live in Roswell!
  • Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis: Terminators and Super Soldiers
  • The Apocalypse Will Be Live Streamed
  • What’s Anti-Matter You?
  • On the Road at the Ark Encounter
  • Using Technology to Summon Demons
  • TRAPPIST-1 Planets and the Space Gospel
  • Carl Gallups: Technology Fulfilling Prophecy
  • Star Trek and Bible Prophecy
  • CERN, Portals, and the New Babel
  • Justen Faull: Nazis and the Hollow Earth

9 hours and 35 minutes