The Ahriman Gate

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Joe Ryback, a twenty-six year old marine whose Lieutenant Colonel father was murdered under mysterious circumstances, stumbles upon a cover-up that reaches to the highest levels of US government and military agencies. Suddenly too deep to turn back, he struggles to contain the nightmarish forces closing around him and his family. As a mind-boggling phantasm brings him face to face with genetically modified creatures and spiritual-alien forces, a sinister plan unfolds at Montero—a government funded research laboratory—which could usher in the coming of Antichrist and the end of the world. With dynamic plot twists, mesmerizing ideas, and unchained high-tech weaponry, THE AHRIMAN GATE moves the reader feverishly toward disclosure of shadow governments involved with transgenic research, Extra Terrestrial Vehicles, crypto-archaeology, and ghastly genetic research, convening in a nightmare scenario that takes the breath away

"Starts fast, then rockets your emotions into pure adrenaline overload... that makes you truly appreciate it when God enters the scene!" ~Dr. Donald C. Jones, Historian of the Year.

"Dr. & Mrs. Horn are obviously conversant with ancient Biblical sources, and make good use of it in their novel, THE AHRIMAN GATE!" ~Legendary Ufologist Dr. I.D.E. Thomas

Some gates should never be opened!

(Paperback - 392 Pages)

Authors: Tom & Nita Horn