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Tears: An Ocean of Emotion


The Secret Nature of Tears Revealed - By Steve Quayle The purpose of human tears has been misunderstood for centuries if not millennia.

In Tears: An Ocean of Emotion, author Stephen Quayle reveals the scientific basis of tears, and shows how weeping and mourning ties into the deepest regions of our brains.


Readers will discover:

• That not all tears are alike - and how each person's tears are unique to them (and can reveal much about who a person is and the emotions they're feeling).

• Why tears and weeping appear throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

• How tears are precious to the Lord, and how is aware of each tear we shed.

• How one day for some of us our need for tears will come to an end - and the terrifying truth about those who will be weeping for eternity.

• Why our emotional hurt often isn't our own fault, but rather caused by the wrong-doing of others. Also, how such weeping actually brings a healing power to those who have been wronged and helps us heal emotionally.

• What the Bible has to say about the various types of tears, and why it is appropriate and important for our healing to weep and mourn.

• How to cope with mourning, whether your own or a loved one, and the steps needed to heal emotionally following a major loss in our lives, whether through death, betrayal, or tragedy.

Tears: An Ocean of Emotion carefully documents these and many more astounding facts, divulging the truth about the spiritual warfare being fought for the souls of every human being. This book gives you the insights to understand what happens after we die, where souls go in death, and why our tears aid in our hope for eternal life. This book gives you the spiritual tools to deal with the joys and tragedies in your life as well as in the lives of your family and friends.