Stand 2020 Defender conference DVD 6 disc box set

During August of 2020 SkyWatch TV and Defender Publishing hosted the incredible STAND Virtual Conference that featured 26 presentations from world-renown leading researchers, Bible teachers, and ancient language scholars on global developments, important discoveries, and the latest science and technology. Including over 25 hours of content, this 6-DVD Box Set features Dr. Thomas and Nita Horn, Pat Boone, Dr. Michael Heiser, Derek Gilbert, Sharon Gilbert, Joe Ardis Horn, Kate Horn, Allie Anderson Henson, Donna Howell, Joel Richardson, Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, Zev Porat, Shelley Neese, Josh Peck, Dr. Michael Lake, Jaco Booyens, Daniel Belt, Carl Gallups, Gary Stearman, Jonathan Cahn, Randy Conway, Michael K. Lake, Carl Teichrib, Steve Quayle, Drew Graffia, Mark Scribner, and Dr. Matthew Sams!

This 6-DVD Series Includes! 


1. Joe & Kate Horn With Donna Howell - Welcome And Worship

2. Donna Howell - Roots Of Your Christian Faith

3. Allie Anderson Henson - The Fall Feasts, The Rapture, And HOPE In 2020

4. Tom Horn - Visions, Chaos, And The Coming Of Antichrist

5. Drew Graffia - Becoming The Warrior Priest


1. Josh Peck - Silent Cry

2. Josh Peck - Normalization Of Pedophilia

3. Jaco Booyens - What Level Are You Operating On? 

4. Randy Conway - A Topsy-Turvy World


1. Pat Boone - The Big "IF"

2. Shelley Neese - Auschwitz Revisited

3. Daniel Belt - A Fresh Perspective On Healing

4. Dr. Matthew Sams - Could Your Liver Be The Culprit?

5. Mark Scribner - Do You Want To Get Well?


1. Jonathan Cahn - A Prophetic Message

2. Michael K. Lake - Kingdom Priesthood

3. Carl Teichrib - Game Of Gods

4. Steve Qualye - The Vatican And Our 'Alien Saviors'


1. Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis - Collision Course

2. Carl Gallups - To Stand!

3. Zev Porat - God's Master Plan 

4. Gary Stearman - The Last Trump


1. Derek Gilbert - Giants, Gods & Dragons

2. Sharon Gilbert - My God And My Fortress

3. Joel Richardson - Return Of The Cloud Rider 

4. Michael Heiser - The Messiah In The Book Of Enoch