Something Transhuman This Way Comes & Pandemonium's Engine Special!

'Somthing Transhuman This Way Comes'
Audio Series

In recent years, astonishing technological developments have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward far-reaching morphological transformation that promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human. An international, intellectual, and fast-growing cultural movement known as transhumanism has been embraced within the deepest and darkest chambers of military and national laboratories. There, genetics, robotics, brain machine interfacing, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and nanotechnologies are envisioned as tools that will radically redesign our minds, our memories, our physiology, our offspring...even perhaps our very souls.

As listeners will learn, what started with genetically modified crops then led to transgenic animals, is poised now for application to humans according to the JASONS, the celebrated scientists on the U.S. Pentagon's most prestigious scientific advisory panel, the Brookings institution, the influential, most quoted and most trusted think tank in the world, and dozens of other government and public policy research institutions. The date they have set, after which the revolution begins? 2012

In this six CD audio series something Transhumanism This Way Comes: Genetic Engineering and the ubermenchen (Super Men) of Tomorrow, leading national and international researchers, scholars, authors, and speakers share their specialized knowledge about what you can expect in the coming days, and more importantly, what you can do to be prepared for it.

This audio series is based on research in the new book, Pandemonium's Engine:How the End of the Church Age, the Rise of Transhumanism, and the Coming of the Ubermenchen (Overman) Herald Satan's Imminent and Final Assault on the Creation of God. Guests include Noah Hutchings, Dr. Thomas Horn, Sharon Gilbert, Chuck Missler, Jerry Guiltner, Gary Stearman, and Doug Hamp.

'Pandemonium's Engine'

Sometimes unpleasant truths need to be presented; most of us would rather stand back and kick a toe in the dirt. You know, let someone else do it.

Someone else is courageous enough to tell us the truth. Tom Horn & Friends research, publish, and speak about some of the most important topics of our time. Pandemonium’s Engine is the vehicle through which Tom and an elite team of commentators are informing a still-sleeping public about radical changes coming to our culture…very soon.

In particular, the technological advances that have brought us to the doorstep of life-altering realities are such that the man-on-the-street is struggling to make sense of our world.

The book you are about to read is a landmark offering, making such issues as “transhumanism” compelling reading. A shadowy world of intrigue, power-grabs, and seismic changes in daily life is the stuff of sci-fi movies. Yet the authors contributing to Pandemonium’s Engine show us in disturbing detail that these mind-blowing technologies are quite real.

For example, Cris D. Putnam writes in “Christian Transhumanism: Pandemonium’s Latest Ploy”:
“Transhumanism is a transnational technocratic trend that promises to break through human biological limitations by radically redesigning humanity.”

Sound like a campy Star Trek episode, or a movie plot from Stanley Kubrick?

As a matter of fact, they are, but rooted in present reality. Change agents in our world are working feverishly to harness the powers of human ingenuity, to wreak havoc on our way of life.
Chuck Missler writes in “Pandora’s Box for the 21st Century? The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” that the seductiveness of medical advances mask a diabolical agenda. For example, he mentions that the drive to, among other things, develop receptors that could impinge the constriction of blood vessels and thus the scourge of hypertension is a source of optimism. As are drugs that inhibit damage from brain trauma, or genetic research that could cure diabetes.

But Chuck knows that some researchers would trample over ethical boundaries and move past such positive research into frontiers humans were not meant to go.
Frederick Meekins’ chapter, “Examples of Transhumanism in Popular Culture” identifies how we have been brought along to accept technologies. We’ve been conditioned, by popular television series like Star Trek, and films like Spiderman, to subtly be prepared for radical, sweeping tampering with the human mind and body.
John McTernan writes about “embodied intelligence” robots, biocomputers, and other space-age technologies many of us have made the mistake of believing lie in the realm of fiction.

Providing perspective is Noah Hutchings, who traces advances in technology from the time of another Noah, to the present time.
All these authors, and several more, provide a searing report on just how ambitious the builders of the New Babel really are. Pandemonium’s Engine will stun you.
That’s good. You need to wake up. History shows that those who make reasonable preparations are much better equipped to deal with colossal changes than those who prefer to fully trust their handlers.

I well remember the days when my uncle was on the ground floor of computer technology, tinkering with those machines the size of refrigerators. I remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 and laughing that such a far-in-the-future could actually arrive.
We are well past 1984, figuratively and literally. Pandemonium’s Engine will show you just how far past.