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Radicals book

Throughout time, when it seemed mankind was slipping irrevocably into ungodly decay from which the world might never recover, God did something unexpected and released a fresh wind of His presence that awoke a remnant of believers. These revivalists and prophets in turn often departed ecclesiastical and cultural norms to preach the everlasting Gospel with innovative flare. While in their days they were thought to be radicals, they nevertheless pushed back darkness with the Sword of the Spirit and liberated minds to comprehend their estate and need of Jesus (2 Cor. 10:5). The book you now hold argues effectively that we have entered such a time again and the evidence is reflected in familiar anti-establishment sentiments today both religious and political. We are rapidly ripening for a spiritual awakening within the Church of Christ, and this book leaves no illusions about how that could suddenly unfold, unexpectedly giving rise to a new breed of post-denominational radicals infused with the supernatural power of God. 

Triumph of the Redeemed Book

Where does your mind run to in the midst of adversity? How do you cope with these perilous times that touch all of our lives in some significant way?

Although most believers say they possess a hope of living forever in heaven, more often than not they pin their expectations on temporal outcomes when battered by the storms of life.

The Triumph of the Redeemed reveals how the specifics of our eternal inheritance enable us to put the chaos that surrounds us into a biblical prophetic framework that both calms and encourages our hearts. It’s the details of our future life in paradise that redirect our attention to the joys ahead for us when all seems lost.

The author, Jonathan Brentner, learned the necessity of an eternal perspective when painful circumstances turned his life upside down. Despite loving to preach on prophecy as a young pastor, he tried in vain to maintain his earthly dreams when adversity struck. A forever outlook on life would not have calmed the seas in the midst of his storm, but it would have made the path to healing much less distressing.

The neglect of Bible prophecy not only adds to the pain we endure, but it also leaves us ill-prepared to live in a fear-ridden society. It’s the particulars of our future that provide us with a hopeful context into which we can place the violence, chaos, and lawlessness of our day.


where you’ll learn whether holy angels can default from God’s army, have wings, or read our minds! The biblical answer to whether we should attempt to beckon angels to carry out our requests, or seek them out as spirit guides! You’ll also learn about the fierce capacity of angels, their strength in spiritual warfare, and ability to operate in the physical world to carry out God’s prophetic will! All this and so much more!