Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference 2016 Volume 1


9 DVDs- 20 presentations

by Gary Stearman, Carl Teichrib, Michael Lake, Cris Putnam, Ken Johnson, Aaron Lipkin, Bob Maginnis, Derek Gilbert, Jeff Kinley, Tim Mahoney, Stan Deyo, Tom Hughes, & Claudia Koenig

DVD # 1

Conference Welcome- Gary Stearman, Tom Horn & Bob Ulrich- 24 minutes

Carl Teichrib- Game of Gods- 65 minutes

Carl Teichrib Interview- 18 minutes

Gary Stearman- The Last Generation- 55 minutes

Michael Lake- The Shinar Directive- 65 minutes

Paul McGuire- Prophecy of the Future of America- 77 minutes

Josh Peck- Extradimensional UFOs- 42 minutes

Cris Putnam- The Final Roman Emperor- 59 minutes

Ken Johnson- Tribulation Prophecies- 59 minutes

Aaron Lipkin- Ancient Footsteps of God- 64 minutes

Bob Maginnis- Future Wars, Super Soldiers, Terminators, Cyberspace, & the National Security Strategy For 21st Century Combat- 54 minutes

Derek Gilbert- The Great Inception- 72 minutes

Jeff Kinley- The Coming Global Storm- 49 minutes

Tim Mahoney- Patterns of Evidence- 62 minutes

Tim Mahoney- Interview- 18 minutes

Stan Deyo- The Perils of Prophecy- 82 minutes

Stan Deyo- Interview- 18 minutes

Aaron Lipkin- Interview- 16 minutes

Avi Lipkin- Interview- 13 minutes

Tom Hughes- Interview- 20 minutes

Claudia Koenig- Interview- 19 minutes