Official Disclosure Audio Series (New single disc version): Various Contributors

Official Disclosure Audio Series (New single disc version): Various Contributors 
PREPARE FOR CONTACT! In order to separate fact from fiction and to understand the social, scientific, and spiritual ramifications of alien disclosure and/or contact, some of the world's leading authorities (including some who attended the 2010 Royal Society Conference such as Nick Pope, Britain's former lead officer for the Ministry of Defense's UFO Research) speak out in this special multi-hour show on the numerous important issues that could soon affect all mankind! Official Disclosure covers questions like: 
* Is official disclosure of alien contact near?
* When will it happen?
* Are the aliens friendly or hostile?
*  What is happening during alien abduction?
* Are angels or demons involved?
* Is this fulfillment of biblical prophecy?

The answer to these questions and much more are often unnerving as ex-government agents with above top-secret security clearance, world-famous field investigators, physicists, and theologians peel back for the first time the truth behind a reality so astonishing that the personal destiny of every man, woman, and child may shortly be impacted by it!  Featuring Chuck Missler, Thomas Horn, Gary Stearman, Michael Heiser, Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Jesse Marcel Jr., James Hughes, Joe Jordan, L.A. Marzulli, David Ruffino, Doug Elwell, Ken Klein, Mike Bennett, Terry James, Guy Malone, Stephen Yulish, and more!