Kingdom Priesthood and Sinai to Zion Special Offer


The Kingdom Priesthood, Sinai to Zion Special Offer

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The Kingdom Priesthood book

Is a training manual for the remnant to discover their priesthood, their purpose, and their service to Almighty God. In the pages of this remnant manual, you will discover:

  • What Adam experienced in the first few moments of life and how those desires were encoded into the spiritual DNA of humanity.
  • Revelations of what the Almighty meant when He told Adam and Eve to replenish the earth.
  • Identifying the first priests of the Kingdom of God in the Bible and the first priest of darkness.
  • What the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil offered the first family in the garden.
  • How we all share the same calling as Abram and why it is so important for the Priesthood of the Kingdom
  • The reality of the Principality Wars and how they are influencing the world today.
  • How believers are to function as both priests and tabernacles in the earth.
  • The real purpose of the fire of God and how we are to use it.
  • How to carry the name of God in the earth with dignity and power
  • How to flow in the sevenfold anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • How the priesthood is essential for the releasing of end-time warriors in the last days. The Kingdom Priesthood is a call for the remnant to receive the fire of God, enter into their priesthood, and become an army that hell cannot overcome!


Sinai to Zion Book: Joel Richardson

Sinai to Zion is an exciting study of how the Bible uses the Exodus story as the basis for its vision concerning the glorious and triumphant return of Jesus the Messiah. For the first time, this book presents a thorough examination of many often-overlooked, yet critically important Old Testament texts that the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament authors looked to as describing the return of Jesus. Particular emphasis is given to the Blessings of Moses, the Song of Deborah, the Prayer of Habakkuk, the Great Processional Psalm of King David, the Prophecy of Enoch, and several other fascinating prophecies. The reader will discover how both the New and the Old Testaments frame the coming of the Messiah as the greater or final Exodus. Readers will be reinvigorated with excitement for the return of Jesus. The same firey God who came down upon Mount Sinai in the thick clouds, in blazing fire, with the blasting of trumpets, and a mighty earthquake, is indeed coming back in the thick clouds, in blazing fire, with the blasting of trumpets, and a mighty earthquake to save His people Israel and faithful believers throughout the World. 

The Sheeriyth Imperative Book: Dr. Michael Lake

 In this vital book, you will discover a deeper look into the fallen immortals that now labor for the Kingdom of Darkness, how the unification of Superstring Theory and the Bible can play an essential role in our understanding of end-time spiritual warfare, the reality of multi-dimensional seed, what really happened when Lucifer fell and the force he created to fuel his kingdom. Learn that the Watcher invasion of Genesis 6 involved much more than just a breeding program, how Nimrod aligned himself with immortals in the Second Heaven to empower his hellish plans and how Mystery Babylon is doing the same in our day! The reader will gain a better understanding of what Lucifer was really seeking to gain in the fall of humanity, how the Nazi/Vril agenda is still being carried out by the clueless masses around the world today, how our modernized theologies have rendered the modern Christian weaponless and naked on the end-time spiritual battlefield, and how Heaven is empowering the Remnant to destroy every stronghold and to become a force that can raze hell and bring the King.

The Shinar Directive Book: Dr. Michael Lake

The Shinar Directive serves as a kingdom intelligence briefing for God's people in the twenty-first century. On the ancient plains of Shinar, an evil was born: The first world king, the prototype transhuman, the ultimate despot, the Son of Perdition--Nimrod. In Babylon, the Son of Perdition devised the Shinar Directive: the enslaving of humanity and the war against the God of Heaven. God's intervention at the Tower of Babel only delayed his hellish plans. The Luciferian Elite now control three key circles of influence in the world: financial, political, and religious. However, controlling these three systems was not enough.