Handy Pantry Hard White Wheat 5lbs canister

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USDA Certified Organic. Whole Hard White Sprouting Wheat berries. Excellent Germination Rate 98-100%. Resealable Packaging or pre-measured wheat bags for wheatgrass trays. 7-10 days for wheatgrass. 2-3 days for soft white wheat berry sprouts. Great for grinding into whole wheat flour. Outstanding choice for food storage. Microbial Tested.

Hard white wheat is a high protein, high fiber variety of white wheat that produces a whiter flour and whiter light textured breads. Some folks with wheat allergies find they can tolerate hard and soft white wheat. Organic soft white wheat grain has a very low moisture content, and stores extremely well, making it ideal as a storage grain. This organic hard white wheat has a better sprouting rate than the conventional chemical free hard wheat berries.