Glimpses of Glory: From the Garden of Eden to Jesus’ glorious return—a cosmic collision of biblical truth, exploding to life upon the tapestry of the mind and soul


Have you ever wanted to discover deep and glorious truths from God’s Word—from Genesis to Revelation—and yet accomplish that task through a book that feels as though you’re reading a novel?  Glimpses of Glory is what you’ve been waiting for!

In this incredibly unique work and writing style—from longtime pastor, media personality, conference speaker, and internationally acclaimed bestselling author Carl Gallups—you’ll walk directly into the Garden of Eden – where Adam and Eve encountered the great tempter. You’ll be placed inside the ark, experiencing the horror of Noah’s family as they heard the agonized cries of their neighbors, struggling in vain to survive the deluge. The anguish of our Savior will explode into intense reality as He struggles with his human emotions—and the goading of the tempter—on the night He was betrayed. And that’s just the beginning of this stunning journey of biblical truth and majesty!

Glimpses of Glory makes God’s love for us come alive, and it’s all done in a riveting, biblically accurate manner!