For Valor: Defending the Faith for Those of Worth


We live in trying times.

As we survey the landscape of our world, we can feel a sense of foreboding writhing within the depths of the heart, creating a wake of fear, dread, dismay, anxiety, and hopelessness in the waves of our conscious ness. These heavy feelings are perpetuated by the external voices of the media and culture that are attempting to drown out the voices of hope. Beloved, the enemy not only preys on fear, but thrives on it, because fear is a tool with strength enough to drive people toward cowardice. The death knell of hope drones on in the heart of the fearful.

But those who know Jesus as Savior can stand in His authority to push back the tide of fear. We can stand FOR VALOR! We stand in defense of hope. We stand FOR VALOR, defending the faith for those of worth. We stand in covenant with the once-and-forever RISEN KING, Jesus the Lord! FOR VALOR we stand. FOR VALOR we trust. FOR VALOR we fight, because our King goes before us (Isaiah 52).

This book serves as a clarion call for the Church to stand in defense of faith. Do not fear; do not be afraid, for the Lord God goes before us (Isaiah 41:10). Stand therefore, IN VALOR, defending the hope of His Word, risen and true!