Divided We Stand: The Globalist Scheme for a One-World Government

The ideological left is transforming America into something our founders never intended. Our national motto, E pluribus unum, no longer means “out of many, one,” but has been replaced with Ex uno, multi, “out of one, many.” In divided America, it means identity consciousness reigns as we become polarized by calls for diversity, equity, and inclusion; that radical view is echoed by the intimidated business world, most media, the corrupted education establishment, and especially the deep-state big government. Behind the veil of massive corruption, polarization is tearing at our foundation at the hands of the big egos of the rich and powerful—especially their evil agent, Satan.  In Divided We Stand, Bob Maginnis reveals this insidious agenda and explores where it intends to take America and accelerate steps to the prophetic end times.