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Cherubim Chariots: Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis

Foreword by Mark A. Flynn

Includes interviews with Cris Putnam, Sharon K. Gilbert, and S. Douglas Woodward

For years, the extraterrestrial hypothesis has dominated the field of ufology. However, there is another theory that might provide more substantial answers to the UFO phenomenon. In Cherubim Chariots, researcher and author Josh Peck explores the fringe of the extradimensional hypothesis to show the stunning possibility that UFOs and their pilots originate from a higher dimension. Discover answers to paradigm-shifting questions, such as:

  • Were extradimensional craft and other-worldly beings reported in antiquity?
  • Who are the mysterious cherubim and what is their role in the affairs of mankind?
  • Did nonhuman entities leave behind evidence showing their extradimensional nature?
  • Are higher dimensions interacting with our own?
  • Are there prophecies pointing to a possible return of extradimensional beings?
  • What is our true origin?
  • How do we prepare for what is ahead?
  • And much more!

The definitive guide to extradimensional intelligences is here at last!

Quantum Creation: Does the Supernatural Lurk in the Forth Dimension?

Includes Interviews with: Kenneth Johnson - Original Creator of V and Alien Nation, Dr. Ronald Mallett - Professor and Theoretical Physicist, Dr. Ken Johnson - Biblical Researcher and Author

Foreword by S. Douglas Woodward

Is there a way for science and religion to complement one another? Does quantum physics have any place in the Bible? Do biblical interpretations have any use in explaining scientific observations? Is quantum physics unknowable to religious minds? Must a scientific mind also be void of religion? Is there an unseen world that exists all around us? Do things like strings, branes, multiple dimensions, parallel universes, time warps, quantum entanglement, and extradimensional beings have any place in biblical descriptions of God’s creation?

These questions and more are addressed in Quantum Creation. For the first time ever, the study of quantum physics is made available to the religious mind while explaining theological implications. Even better yet, the information is presented in a way anybody can understand.

Learn just how perfectly compatible science and religion can be and why it seems they are always at odds. Discover what really makes up everything in existence as reality itself is examined at a quantum level. Find out if things like time travel are scientifically and biblically possible. What is presented in Quantum Creation is the answer to how science and religion really can go hand in hand. Finally, a way to look at the strange and fascinating world of quantum physics from a biblical perspective is here.