When the word volcano is even mentioned in the context of the North American
continent, most people’s minds automatically go to the “super volcano” that's
located in Yellowstone National Park.

But is this Yellowstone eruption theory in fact a distraction to the real danger at
hand on the Western Coast of the USA?

The Cascade Region of the Northwestern Coast of the USA boasts 11 of the 13
most dangerous volcanos, yet the fervor over a Yellowstone explosion
overshadows that very real threat of Cascadia.

"There's a lot of excitement and interest in super volcanoes, like Yellowstone, and
the potential that they could erupt in a catastrophic eruption, which has happened
in the past. But that is pretty infrequent, even geologically speaking. What's much
more frequent, and what's more likely to happen on a human length scale, is that
one of the Cascade volcanoes will erupt.” Explains Emilie Hooft, Associate
Professor of the Dept. Earth Sciences of University of Oregon.

This documentary, shot in spectacular 7k, uncovers the truth and scientific research
of the looming disaster at hand on the Pacific Northwest coast.
Our experts, the most highly regarded seismologists and volcanologists from the
USA give first hand knowledge of what would happen if and when one of the
Cascade Volcanos erupt.

Mega-Thrust earthquakes, lahar flows, volcanic explosions, a giant tsunami,
economic calamity - is the USA ready for such a natural disaster? Only time will
tell if we are....