1st Annual Defender Conference DVD Set


1st Annual Defender Conference

2019 DVD Set



Enjoy all that the 1st Annual Defender Conference had to offer with this 4 DVD set!  It has all of the amazing speakers lectures on it!

On August 2-4 (2019), SkyWatch TV and Defender Publishing hosted the first annual (sold-out) Defender Conference in Branson, Missouri featuring leading researchers, Bible teachers, and ancient language scholars on global developments, important discoveries, and the latest science and technology. This series of DVDs filmed before a live audience features Dr. Thomas and Nita Horn, Dr. Michael Heiser, Derek Gilbert, Sharon Gilbert, Joe Ardis Horn, Allie Anderson Henson, Donna Howell, Joel Richardson, Lori Bakker, Jim Bakker, Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, Jim Barfield, Shelley Neese, Josh Peck, Larry Spargimino, Dr. Michael Lake, Jaco Booyens, Steven Bancarz, Carl Gallups, Dr. Ralph Umbriaco, Dr. Joshua Vance, and Dr. Matthew Sams!



1. Welcome - Tom & Nita Horn / Mike & Jeannie Kerr

2. Derek Gilbert - Bad Moon Rising: Islam, the Old Gods, and Armageddon

3. Allie Anderson Henson - Millennials

4. Donna Howell - Handmaidens Conspiracy / Radicals

5. Sharon Gilbert - The Spirit of Inanna Has Permeated our Culture

6. Joel Richardson - The Procession of God

 7. Jim Bakker - Special Presentation



1. Lori Bakker - Special Presentation

2. Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis - Progressive Evil

3. Mike Heiser - Spiritual Warfare and The Great Commission

4. Q&A - Jim Barfield and Shelley Neese on the Copper Scroll Project

5. Josh Peck - NDEs and Extra Dimensions

6. Nita Horn - Whispering Ponies Ranch 

7. Larry Spargimino - Grace in The Midst of Thorns



1. Dr. Michael Lake - Mystery of the Lamb of God and The Scroll of Destiny

2. Jaco Booyens - The Truth of Sex Trafficking

3. Shelley Neese - The Copper Scroll Project

4. Steven Bancarz - The Second Coming of The New Age

5. Carl Gallups - The Amazing Prophetic Nature of Our Day



1. Mike Heiser - Graduating from Strong's Concordance

2. Live Peeranormal Show

3. Back to Eden Part 1 - Dr. Ralph Umbriaco

4. Back to Eden Part 2 - Dr. Joshua Vance

5. Back to Eden Part 3 - Dr. Matthew Sams