Mountain Valley herb Seeds


Our Grow and Store Herb Seed Pack contains 10 of the most popular herb garden seeds. With this package you will have all the fresh tasty herbs you need to enhance your cooking and spice up your meals. Inside our resealable container you will find each of the following items in individual resealable mylar packages:

5 grams Chives (approximately 4,409 seeds)

5 grams Garlic Chives (approximately 1,058 seeds)

5 grams Cilantro (approximately 529 seeds)

5 grams Oregano (approximately 31,747 seeds)

5 grams Sage (approximately 564 seeds)

5 grams Dill (approximately 3,527 seeds)

5 grams Parsley (approximately 3,175 seeds)

5 grams Thyme (approximately 705 seeds)

5 grams Basil variety 1 (approximately 3,527 seeds)

5 grams Basil variety 2 (approximately 3,527 seeds)

1 Seed Growing and Saving Guide

Our seeds are specially prepared and dried to their optimum moisture content for storage. Each variety is then individually packaged in a hermetically sealed triple foil package which can be opened and resealed allowing you to both store your seeds and use some immediately. Simple open the package, removed desired seeds, reseal the package and store the rest, all without compromising viability.