Sponsor Sunshine


Monthly/Annually: 1000.00

Barn Name: “SUNSHINE”

Registered Name: Baby Sunshine Journey’s Kisses

2010 Gelding AMHR Currently Measures 37.00”

A flashy Sorrell Pinto with flaxen mane & tail and 4 fancy white socks.

He is the offspring of one of our select brood mares we call Buttercup. She was already bred when we purchased her. His Sire (Not on our farm) a is 32.00” Sorrell Pinto named Sunshine Boy.

Sunshine has gorgeous quintessential western style markings that are very eye appealing. He is extremely photogenic! He has a great attitude and is very laid back.

Sunshine nearly died at birth. He was a bit disoriented and could not figure out how to nurse his mamma. It was her first foal and she was a bit confused as well. So, after consulting our veterinarian, I was instructed to milk his mamma! WHAT? Are you serious? How do you milk a horse? Well, I had never milked a horse but with a crash course, I learned real fast! It was certainly touch and go that first night, however, after he got the necessary colostrum, and had several feedings in his tummy, he stood upright, kicked up his little heels, did a half flip, and contentedly laid back down. That’s when we knew he would pull through!

Shortly after that he injured his left back leg, who knows how he did it! And lastly, he developed severe allergies in his eyes and had to wear a face mask all summer! But he outgrew and came through all of those first year challenges and is one of the friendliest boys in the barn!

Sunshine is also one of our best working horses. He is patient and never in a hurry. He is already cart trained and we are currently finishing his lead-line saddle training as well. His gentle demeanor and taller stature makes a great size for small children! (He should be ready very soon folks!)


By sponsoring one or more WPR therapy ponies, you are partnering directly with this healing ministry by contributing to the care of these life-changing animals–their foods, veterinary care, farrier, as well as contributing to the operating and construction costs of the retreat facility. As a WPR sponsor, you will receive a hoof-signed, frame-able picture of your sponsor horse(s) and a personalized autographed copy of Nita Horn’s new memoir, No Fences: It Started with a Plastic Pony, all about the childhood vision that led to the 280-acre Whispering Ponies Ranch.

Whispering Ponies Ranch is a private retreat center where horses are trained for therapy uses and people of all ages attend by invitation for restorative ministries. All amenities—from food services and lodging to expert recreational and counseling staff—are provided at no cost.

Tom and Nita Horn envisioned WPR as a safe and inspirational environment where people can be rejuvenated or just relax for a few days to get refreshed. The therapy ponies of WPR visit places like veteran centers and care facilities and are used in public schools to help children with learning disabilities.

"The facility is also available for general retreat purposes (marriage encounters, writers’ breakaways, youth camps, and so on) but, as Dr. Horn says, “The heart and vision for the facility is primarily to focus on those who have somehow been hurt, abandoned, disabled, or abused.”