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Through the ages, there have been few heroes as adored as the medieval KNIGHT! With a prayer in his heart and a sword in his hand, it is easy to see why this ultimate WARRIOR-PRIEST has stood the test of time. "The Warrior-Priest Mindset" unveils the inherent dual nature of every believer. Like Jesus, we must all be the LION and the LAMB!


You Will Discover:

  • The prophecies of the Dual Messiahs (The Suffering Servant and The Conquering King);
  • Yahweh's Code of Chivalry when using Self-Defense;
  • The mysterious and vile "Order of the Tinkling Cymbal";
  • How we may be acting as Counterfeit Crusaders instead of Warrior-Priests;
  • How many of our biblical heroes were, in fact, Warrior-Priests;
  • How the Bible is the greatest knight's tale ever written and how Jesus is the ULTIMATE DRAGON SLAYER!

Everyday Champion Book with 4 Part Television Series Companion DVD

Joe Ardis Horn was, like many, confused about his role in the Body of Christ for most of his life. From his youngest years, religious people outside his family exposed him to mystifying (and completely false) theologies and church practices, while simultaneously expecting him to live up to an ever-changing list of behavioral standards that differed from one church leader to another. His understanding of and relationship with the Lord was born from these perplexing years, and ruthless bullying in school exacerbated his search to find his place in the Kingdom of God. The perpetual hard knocks left him drifting like a leaf in life s windstorm: destination unknown. 

Yet from the ashes of this turmoil arose the unexpected heroes, the champions, the few people whose seemingly minuscule investments into Joe s life revealed the rock-solid Kingdom call upon him from birth...as well as a sudden, intense, God-given message for every Christ-follower: The Holy-Spirit-given gifts you seek might not be what you think they are. 


Unscrambling the Millennial Paradox with FREE 13 week Teacher's Guide

Are Millennials really the narcissistic, self-centered, entitled, and lazy collective that they are accused of being, or is there a deeper problem lurking which creates division between this generation and those previous? Are young people of today truly the worst the world has ever seen, or has our modern church missed the opportunity to reach the most cause oriented, activist generation in the history of the world? Furthermore, if the Church were to combine efforts with this powerful, zealous populace, could this usher in the next Great Awakening? 
These, and many other questions, make up the pages of this book. In Unscrambling the Millennial Paradox, the reader will learn: 

- What devastating modern epidemics are sweeping our youth, and what the Church can do to intervene,
- How modern identity politics have robbed our youth of an opportunity to confront their destiny, 
- The impact of previous years of philosophical and religious evolution, and how this has paved the way for truth to become unhinged for many individuals, 
- How economic stressors have shaped the generation s financial and domestic practices, 
- The real reason Millennial s are leaving the church, and what the church can do to reverse this trend before it is too late.