Unprecedented Spiritual encounters are breaking out all around the world! Prophetic words of foreknowledge, Angelic intervention, healing and miracles point to something BIG about to sweep the globe! But forces of Darkness have declared war with the power of Light and many are not ready for what’s right around the corner! At the forefront of this astonishing exposé, Defender publishing assembled a team of experts who have been sent by God to explain the spiritual implications of what is at work and the prophetic timeline that God’s Remnant needs to understand! Now, for the first time ever, SkyWatch TV is proud to present “The Supernatural Awakenings 3-Works Collection!”
In this incredible must-have compilation you’ll receive...


The Trump Prophecies: Walk with authors Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert through the astonishing biographical journey of Mark’s life as a 3rd generation firefighter, experience his journey through the valley of death where a holy-spirit guided prophecy in 2011 foretold Donald Trump's unlikely presidential victory… But now… for the first time ever… the world will learn how that incredible win was only part of the electrifying revelation that Mark says will certainly unfold in the months ahead. NOW YOU can be among the FIRST to understand what is COMING NEXT!

Angels on Assignment AGAIN: You will be amazed as best selling Author and prophecy expert Jennifer LeClaire chronicles the presence of modern day Angelic activity and the awe-inspiring and sometimes fearsome encounters these majestic beings create. BUT WHY is their presence suddenly increasing around the world? Jennifer LeClaire’s opinions and expertise will leave you exhilarated and convinced something BIG really is about to unfold!


Radicals: This cutting-edge NEW masterpiece by best selling Author Rev. Donna Howell examines how James, the half brother of Jesus exposed the sins of the church in his day to give life to the liberating power of the Gospel! Using that inspired text as a catalyst for truth seekers everywhere, Radicals examines how post denominational Christians today can also avoid mistakes and become infused NOW with supernatural Power!

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In November of 2016, the world witnessed the impossible. Nearly every household in America was tuned in to the election feeds, and every update pointed to a loss for the Republican Party. But when the map of the states flipped red in the final hour, there were a select few who weren't surprised. They had always known Trump was going to win. He was chosen for such a time as this. The prophecy had said so.

This prophet, this reserved man of God, was retired firefighter Mark Taylor. The word given by the Holy Spirit was delivered on April 28, 2011 in the middle of the most debilitating sickness a man could ever experience. When the prophecy later fell into the hands of New York Times bestsellers Don and Mary Colbert, God used this new team of passionate individuals to lead the nation into a fervent prayer chain that would accomplish one of the most incredible miracles our country has ever seen.

But Trump s victory was only the beginning... 
What is coming next for the most powerful nation on earth today? Mark Taylor has more to say.

In THE TRUMP PROPHECIES readers will discover: 
*How the Lord can and will use anyone regardless of education, background, or health to communicate His message to the Church of Christ 
*What led to the miracle of the 2016 election, the role of we the people for the will of God in the future, and what the Body of Christ needs to do to keep His blessing on our nation 
*How the enemy has utilized techniques of distraction to keep the Body's focus off of God and onto internal, demoralizing disputes and how this can be overcome 
*Astounding, world-altering changes in our US government Mark sees on the horizon 
*The positive message of hope and encouragement that points to fresh methods of spreading the Gospel to the lost.

Scripture tells us of a day when angels God's holy messengers will ascend upon the earth like never before like a fire igniting everything they touch. From time immemorial, testimonies of these messengers and their amazing intervention have maintained global attention, and every world religion has its own way of identifying and confirming their continual influence. 

At this moment, the wind of a new Great Awakening is blowing throughout every culture of the US, as well as many countries abroad. People are sensing something they can't explain, but it s a movement of God they cannot disregard. Leaders of both genders and of every generation whose appearance, character, and approach defy all the ecclesiastical norms of the otherwise exhausted Church are rising up from the most unexpected of places to harness this spiritual power and preach the Gospel with a fresh passion the world hasn t witnessed since the martyrs of old. In such a crucially important time, it is necessary to understand the role angels will play in the days ahead. 

In Angels on Assignment Again, readers will discover: The history of angelic beliefs from one culture/religion to another, and the specific identities they've been given throughout time. How, when, where, and why these celestial beings have visited our planet in recent days How to discern a holy visitation from an unholy manifestation based on the authority of Scripture Upcoming movements of the Holy Spirit, and the role of angels within them How angels are a sign of the end times, and what that means for us here on earth How to safely pray specific prayers of angelic intervention in our lives from provision to revelation and beyond.

Throughout time, when it seemed mankind was slipping irrevocably into ungodly decay from which the world might never recover, God did something unexpected and released a fresh wind of His presence that awoke a remnant of believers. These revivalists and prophets in turn often departed ecclesiastical and cultural norms to preach the everlasting Gospel with innovative flare. While in their days they were thought to be radicals, they nevertheless pushed back darkness with the Sword of the Spirit and liberated minds to comprehend their estate and need of Jesus (2 Cor. 10:5). The book you now hold argues effectively that we have entered such a time again and the evidence is reflected in familiar anti-establishment sentiments today both religious and political. We are rapidly ripening for a spiritual awakening within the Church of Christ, and this book leaves no illusions about how that could suddenly unfold, unexpectedly giving rise to a new breed of post-denominational radicals infused with the supernatural power of God. 

RADICALS EXAMINES: A refreshing analysis of the Epistle of James, written by Christ s half-brother who exposed the sins of the Early Church while illustrating the timeless liberating power of the Word Modern trials facing the Body, the eerie similarities they hold to the trials of the Early Church, and why we are commanded to count them all as joy The tests of the faith, and why we must get serious about overcoming them individually and corporately.

How the Church still participates in favoritism of today's privileged class, and the role that plays in stunting the Great Commission The Rahabs of today, why they may quickly be replacing our traditions, and why that s a positive thing Pop heresies in our contemporary sermons and worship services, and the overhaul needed to return to true faith The development of our current Friendship with the World Church, and the steps required to separate from it.