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The Harbinger 2: The Return Book

As in the first book, the mysteries and revelations of The Harbinger II are completely real and are determining the course of world events to this day. And the mysteries are, likewise, revealed through a narrative. In The Harbinger II, the reader will witness the return of Nouriel, Ana Goren, and the mysterious figure known as "the prophet." The prophet will now continue the revelation from where it left off and open up mysteries as stunning and mind-blowing as the first. As in the prophet's first appearance, the revelations will be unlocked, one by one, through the giving of ancient seals, but also through dreams, and a little girl as mysterious as the prophet. In The Harbinger II the reader will be taken on a mysterious and epic journey to uncover the new revelations: from an island in the waters of New England, to the steps of the Supreme Court, to the top of the tower at Ground Zero, to a primeval forest, to the House of Faces, to the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. The Harbinger II will also reveal the answer and the keys we each need to have for the days that lie ahead.


Jonathan opens up the mysteries of The Harbinger II the amazing continuation of The Harbinger - the signs, the manifestations, the other harbingers - which have not stopped but have continued up to the present day – That even reveal the mystery of what is happening right now and where we are heading.

*Plus The Harbinger II Uncensored will reveal exclusive material that could not even be put in the book! You will not only hear of the revelations and signs – you’ll see them!

*Plus, some of the exclusive content will include amazing prophetic images that foreshadowed the future that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the world.

The Harbinger II Uncensored includes:

Disk 1: The Beginning of the Mystery

Disk 2: The Mystery Ship

Disk 3: The Watchmen

Disk 4: The Ninth of Tammuz

Disk 5: The Judgment Tree

Disk 6: Tophet

Disk 7: The Island

Disk 8: The Return