The Handmaidens Conspiracy Collection

“The Handmaidens Conspiracy Collection”! When you order Reverend Donna Howell’s groundbreaking book “The Handmaiden’s Conspiracy” and Allie Henson and Reverend Donna Howell’s book “Dark Covenant” from the SkyWatchTV store, you’ll also receive the “Dark Covenant Companion DVD” packed with mind blowing information on the Western Church undergoing a dark transformation into a Cult!
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 The Handmaidens Conspiracy Book

Reverend Donna Howell uncovers the cultural and historic backdrop behind Paul’s words in the New Testament that correct the record on some of the most misinterpreted scriptures in modern history in relation to women, their leadership role in the church, and helps you to understand properly what Paul was responding to when the Epistles were written! 

Dark Covenant Book


The modern world has seen unparalleled challenges, circumstances, and travesties. Between the global pandemic of COVID-19, ensuing shutdowns, riots, economic strains, unprecedented political upset, and even cosmic disturbances and natural disasters, some with a biblical worldview cite prophetic implications as the source of current difficulties, while others stated that 2020 was a uniquely difficult year.

However, are greater strands at work beneath the surface of the population’s difficulty? Are these hardships all components within a larger, satanic plot? If so, surely the Church will identify this malevolence and intervene on behalf of humanity, right?

Won’t they?

The Dark Covenant Companion DVD

Join Reverend Donna Howell, Allie Henson and the SkyWatch Investigative team for this original 4-Part series on DVD! This eye-opening expose is an essential teaching tool that is already sending shockwaves through the western religious establishment and is certain to help ready the true remnant of God with the tools needed to navigate the coming days of persecution!