Seasonal Seed Assortment - Fall


Fall Garden Seed Assortment

HEIRLOOM VEGETABLE SEEDS INCLUDED: Turnip Seeds, Beet Seeds, Chard Seeds, Echinacea Seeds, Spinach Seeds, Brussel Sprouts Seeds, and Kale Seeds. These seed packets are generously filled with over 3,800+ total seeds included with each vegetable seeds collection. All of our seeds are non-GMO with high germination rates.

VEGGIE GROW GUIDE: In addition to heirloom veggie seeds, this kit includes an 80-page fully illustrated Vegetable Growing Guide with roots, remedies, and routines for a flavorful life. Learn how to start a garden from seed and harvest the fruits of your labor at season's end! Experience the joy of growing and cultivating your own food. No matter the space available to you, vegetable gardening is certainly a possibility, especially with just a little know-how.

SURVIVAL & SEED STORAGE: These heirloom gardening seeds are sealed in a beautiful Mylar package for long-term shelf life. Add this garden seeds vegetable variety pack to your emergency food storage or survival seeds stash. It is important to be able to plant and harvest vegetables throughout the year, specifically in an emergency situation. Our Seasonal Assortments allow for planting and harvesting during every season.