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Abaddon Ascending Book: We [plan to open a portal into] an extra dimension. Out of this door might come something...unknown. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN CERN is easily one of the most secretive organizations of our times. With controversy and conspiracy theories abounding, it takes specialized researchers to weed through the lies in order to find the truth. But sometimes, truth is stranger and far scarier than fiction. This is where internationally celebrated investigative researcher Dr. Thomas R. Horn and Into the Multiverse television host Josh Peck arrive to expose the reality of a plan so nefarious that it involves not only the history of Apollyon-Abaddon, but his near-future fulfillment of biblical prophecy and entrance into the world. Are powerful occultists from the highest levels of governments, science, and academia to the lowest echelons of modern witchcraft even now invoking the arrival of this destroyer and his legions from the abyss?! ABADDON ASCENDING WILL SHOCK READERS WITH THE FOLLOWING INCREDIBLE REVELATIONS: The ancient origin of CERN s modern-day mission The latest information pertaining to interdimensional portals The real meaning of the bizarre Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony and how it connects to the return of the old gods Who the horned god is, fertility rites of the triple goddess, and how this connects to CERN CERN s beastly logo and destroyer god imagery CERN s role in the formation of a new Babylonian single language system Exactly how the Large Hadron Collider at CERN operates, and what it is trying to find The mind-bending reality of quantum field theory Eye-opening interviews with such personalities as physicist Don Page, who works with Dr. Stephen Hawking The doomsday scenario involving the Higgs field that scientists don t want you to know The future manipulation of human consciousness through an A.I. beast at CERN The connection between Ezekiel s vision and the locusts of Revelation 9 The coming holy war between the Titans and the one, true, living God!

Quantum Physics In Prophecy DVD (Two Complete Presentations)

This DVD features both of Josh Peck’s standing room only Full-Length 2016 Colorado Prophecy Conference presentations: “The Quantum Future” and “Extradimensional UFOs.” These were delivered live before a sold-out crowd July 15-17, 2016 at the majestic Marriott Hotel in Colorado Springs before some of the world’s top prophecy teachers and eager attendees! Now you too can watch this spectacular presentation from the comfort of your own home.


What Dwells Beyond Book: "I couldn't put it down. It may be the best work ever produced on the question of extraterrestrial life from a conservative Christian worldview." --Thomas Horn, CEO SkyWatch TV
"One of the most astonishing books I have ever read in my lifetime!" -- Bob Ulrich, Prophecy Watchers
What Dwells Beyond takes a comprehensive look at the Scriptural doctrines of life in the universe, and builds a step-by-step Biblical case for understanding outer space and the modern extraterrestrial phenomenon. You will READ & LEARN about:
* Cosmic Pluralism from antiquity to the 21st century
* The influences of science fiction on the ET hypothesis
* The strange origins of darkness & the purpose of outer space
* An illustrated biblical field guide and classification system to all life forms
* Bible authority & Bible prophecy
* Cosmology, angelology, demonology, giantology, technology
* Monsters, superheroes and genetic super science
* An in-depth study on counterfeit life
* Over 170 images, charts and diagrams, full searchable index & MUCH MORE!
* With thousands of scriptures, this thorough handbook makes the ideal apologetics resource for Christians and Bible students wanting to learn more about the mysteries of life in the universe

: Join SkyWatch TV Host Derek Gilbert as he interviews best-selling authors and experts of Biblical Prophecy, Dr. Thomas Horn, Dr. Michael Lake, Rev. Donna Howell, Dr. Larry Spargimino, Josh Peck, and Sharon Gilbert, on their amazing new research into “Abaddon Ascending,” “Final Fire,” and the “Sheeriyth Imperative”!