The Zeitgeist Summer Exclusive


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SKYWATCH TV’s BIGGEST GIVEAWAY OF THE SUMMER! The “Zeitgeist Summer Exclusive” includes Dr. Thomas Horn’s eye-opening new book “Zeitgeist 2025—Countdown to the secret destiny of America, the lost prophecies of Qumran, and the return of old Saturn’s reign” along with the never before released 6-part “Zeitgeist 2025 companion DVD”, the shocking full-length documentary “The Secret Destiny of America” on DVD, the full length movie “Belly of the Beast—The ancient mystery that holds the secret of antichrists resurrection & return”, and the ENTIRE 6-DISC “RISE 2021 DEFENDER VIRTUAL CONFERENCE” BOX SET ON DVD! A $245.00 value, now available for your donation of only $35 plus S/H!

Zeitgeist 2025 Book

In the new’ BOOK “Zeitgeist 2025” you will learn!…

• Hidden secrets and forgotten prophecies surrounding the year 2025! 

• How the current U.S. government is tied to America’s occult destiny! 

• Lost prophecies from Qumran forecasting 2025 as the final age of man! 

• How America’s Capital city is laid out to actuate arrival of Antichrist 

• AND why historians and intelligence agencies foresee a totalitarian world government by 2025!

The Zeitgeist 2025 Companion DVD

This 6-part, eye-opening exposé on DVD reveals the malevolent, Orwellian trinity converging around the world, seeking to homogenize the freedom to speak and think, in order to create nations of assimilated devotees who will embrace Antichrist!

The Secret Destiny of America DVD

This 2-hour documentary “The Secret Destiny of America” on DVD, featuring Dr. Thomas Horn as he reveals who the “God” on America’s Great Seal and US one dollar bill really is, why 72 pentagrams in the Capitol Dome are used to control the ancient kosmokrators who rule the nations, the Coming Incarnation of Antichrist AND MUCH MUCH MORE!


This 6-DISC collection is jam-packed with over 26 hours of mind boggling revelations from world-renown Bible teachers, archaeologists, and ancient language scholars on the prophetic events unfolding all around the world right now! Featuring unforgettable presentations from Dr. Thomas Horn, Dr. Judd Burton, Bishop Ron Webb, Dr. Aaron Judkins, Jimmy Evans, Pastor Mark Biltz, Col. David Giammona, Dr. Ken Johnson, Drew Graffia and so many more!

 Belly of the Beast DVD

In the brand new documentary Belly of the Beast, you will discover for the first time: Why a Bible is BOUND in a magic square INSIDE the testes of the Washington Monument… Where and why a buried ANCIENT MAGICAL OBELISK AWAITS UNDERGROUND nearby… Where the ENTRANCE to a Secret Crypt exists connected to American LUCIFER WORSHIP from within the Deep State… And, for the first time EVER, the US government-owned location where the Antichrist will be resurrected on American soil!