Will YOU be part of the 2022 VIP FOUNDERS GROUP?

Greetings friends of SkyWatch TV and Whispering Ponies Ranch. The summer camping season for kids is just ahead. For some children it’s all about having fun. For others, it’s a matter of survival, healing, hope, and restitution. That in mind, I have important news to share with you. Please take a moment to read and share this letter. It comes straight from my heart to yours.

Every year, more than 3.2 million children in America are sex-trafficked, abused, abandoned, or neglected. One in seven Americans are sexually abused as children. Tragically, 1,500 to 2,000 children die each year at the hands of their caretakers. And the remainder are simply (sadly) disregarded or experience a combination of these abuses.

But there is hope for many of these victims through the partnership that Whispering Ponies Ranch (WPR) holds with YOU and the Royal Family Kids Camps (RFKC) and Teen Reach organizations. Since 1985, RFKC has been offering week-long specialized restoration camps and follow-up mentoring specifically designed to restore children of abuse who have become wards of the state. In the past, some kids could not benefit from these special services due to the cost-preventative nature of per-child campgrounds’ expenses. BUT AT WPR, ALL AMENITIES—from food services and lodging to expert recreational staff—ARE PROVIDED AT NO COST, which means no child ever has to be turned away. We can only do this because when people purchase books and products from the SkyWatch TV Store, a large portion of every sale goes to underwrite WPR’s operational expenses. Secondly, Pony Sponsors (the best people on earth!) partner directly with WPR’s healing ministry by contributing to the operating and construction costs of the retreat facility as well as the care of these life-changing therapy animals—their foods, veterinary care, farrier, and so on.

AND GUESS WHAT!? As of the writing of this letter, we can now report that:

    • The first phase of the new PlayCamp area should be completed before summer. This includes a commercial playground made possible by individual donors (who will be honored in 2022 at a private banquet, video production, and group photo for a dedicatory that will greet future visitors to the ranch). Numerous clinical studies show the benefits of a well-structured playground including as an essential safe space where kids can be themselves while developing crucial cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. Through expert guidance, the new playground will become a powerful tool in the hands of specially trained counselors to help hurting and abused children learned to get along, resolve emotional conflict, overcome shyness and learn to trust again, boost self-confidence and self-esteem as they master challenging playground structures that allow them to regain a sense of control unavailable in many other parts of their lives.
    • A new zip line that carries kids from the upper hillside to the new PlayCamp area.
    • The first section of an old west setting where kids will be treated to some comical animatronics and puppetry on the road to the fishing pond (we hope to unveil BIG NEWS about more on this and special children’s TV programming in 2023).
    • A new petting zoo-like sanctuary where kids can learn about mini-Zebu's, mini-goats, mini-sheep, mini-donkeys, Alpacas, and of course mini horses (more petting zoo animals to be added in 2023).
    • AND COMING IN 2023—FARM CAMP! (where kids will get engaged with nature and God’s creation via basic farming and gardening techniques in a new GREENHOUSE AND ROW-CROPS AREA!

But—and please understand the nature of why I am saying this—as many of you know my wife Nita and I have been pouring our life savings into developing the land, buildings, and provisions to build WPR and to make it available free of cost to save and heal these kids. This is a need we believe not only to be biblically mandated but the measure by which Jesus Christ is going to judge you and me (see Matthew 25:31–46). Yet my devoted wife of nearly 50 years years and I are admittedly running low on personal monies, and frankly we are at a point where we need ministry friends to help us with finishing and funding the ongoing, Gospel-centered works of SkyWatch TV and WPR. If you’ve seen recent headlines, you know the Church is dramatically in decline, paganism is growing like wildfire, and a full-on assault on traditional and biblical values we used to teach children has suddenly risen nationwide. The world has never needed this ministry more than they do now. This is where the VIP FOUNDERS GROUP comes in, and why I am personally inviting YOU to be part of it.

How does it work?

For every person that donates $1,000 or more annually—either by sponsoring a therapy horse or simply donating $1,000 (a one-time donation or 86.00 per month)—you will partner with us to continue these life-saving ministries…but you will also:

  • BE COUNTED AMONG THE 2022 VIP FOUNDERS GROUP list of supporters honored at our annual invitation-only VIP Banquet.
  • AT THE DINNER you will have opportunity to participate in a confidential meet-and-greet with the event speakers as well as personally interact with internationally acclaimed Christian leaders [may include outspoken Christian Hollywood stars and government luminaries] who are often in attendance AT YOUR DINNER ONLY.
  • PERSONAL TOUR OF THE SKYWATCH TV STUDIO (subject to the film schedule) during the VIP Banquet and invitation-only ministry tour.
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE A $300.00 VOUCHER TO BE USED IN OUR ONLINE STORE for books, movies and more.
  • AND WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, we will send you the DELUXE HARDBACK DEFENDER BIBLE with expanded Apocrypha!
    • Would you please pray about becoming part of this and call or mail your letter of support asking to be added to the VIP FOUNDERS GROUP? We need to raise $150,000 in the next 90 days to finish the new Play Camp area plus giant tree house and mini-golf this year.